This all literally started with Once Upon a Time.. the show, that is. We started a podcast for it, and then began another for Orange is the New Black. Then we went to three with What the Fangirl.

Now in 2018, we’re taking a new approach to podcasts. Watch this space!


otherside-cover170x170Two ladies Bri and Alex hosted Other Side of the Mirror, an unofficial Once Upon a Time podcast, with an emphasis on Regina/Evil Queen. We aren’t going to just summarize the show but we’re going to analyze and critique it. The show offers two types of episodes: Recaps, where we go through each episode, discussing any theories and thoughts we have about the plot and the characters, and Fan episodes, where we discuss various show topics, interview fans, chat about “ships” (ALL are welcome), and offer fan video and fanfic recommendations.

the litch line

litchline-cover170x170Bri and Alex hosted this Orange is the New Black podcast. We’re a lawyer and a writer, and we each have our strengths. Bri discusses narrative, why Alex discusses criminal justice and law. We’re aren’t going to just recap the episodes, but also give you our thoughts and opinions, and how we see the issues addressed in the show.

 what the fangirl

LogoforpodcastpageBri, Alex, and occasional guests get busy dissecting pop culture from the point of view of the not-so-average fangirl. What the Fangirl addresses the best and worst in pop culture, including books, tv, film, video games, comics, and more! The goal of our show is to help give you, “the fangirl,” a voice. Check back for a new vision of this show!