Join Us – Write for What the Fangirl

Updated February 2018

We made What the Fangirl to give you a voice. We’re always open to receiving unique pitches for blog posts from women, or non-binary folk who have something to share. We’re inclusive and welcoming from voices that might not get heard.

Our focus is on “celebrating what you love,” and here are some ways you can do it.


Writing is unpaid for now; this is a passion project that we don’t get paid for, however, we’re happy to include links to your websites, projects, podcasts, and more on a contributor page. We also try to give you free review copies of books, press pass assignments for conventions, and other perks. Our Patreon page is also dedicated to paying our contributors at a certain level.


We want to see what you’re passionate about when it comes to pop culture. Do you want to write recaps for a television show? Share your thoughts about a book or graphic novel someone just has to read? Maybe you have no other place to share your love for that obscure 90’s Disney Channel show. We’re your people. This is your home.

We welcome any pieces that talk about the issue of representation, including LGBTQIA, women and more.

We don’t ask for a certain number of posts per week, however, we welcome writers who want to enter into this ever-evolving conversation about pop culture. Our favorite types of writers are people who are passionate, opinionated and creative.


We’re interested in pop culture news regarding books, comics movies, TV and video games. This type of news can include cover reveals, release news, production stills and more.

Literary Reviews

We try to provide free review copies for our reviewers, and can look for review copies of your chosen topics. We won’t ask you to review books you aren’t interested in reading.

We accept reviews and commentary about graphic novels (old or new), as well as coverage of comic book and graphic novel news that you feel fangirls would appreciate.

Video Games

We welcome posts and news about video games you love (or hate!). We aren’t all about the new and shiny, which means you can rhapsodize about your favorite Super Mario 3 NES level, if you wanted.

TV Recaps

We seek recappers for TV shows, and cover a full range of TV such as genre TV, dramas and more. You may also recap a show that is no longer airing. Movie and TV news coverage, such as teaser posts, cast announcements, etc is also welcome. Our focus is on an editorial bent, so do feel free to say what you feel about the news as you post.


Do you watch webseries? Tell us why they’re worth watching, or share your favorites.


We’re still working on integrating music coverage, but we’d love for you to share your favorite songs, bands, and albums.

Other Ways to Contribute

We also have a few regular segments you can also contribute a piece for. See below for more information, and include the name of the segment in your pitch.

Con Report – Did you just attend a convention and want to share why or not why not it was worth it?

Now Streaming – What are you binge watching right now? Why should we watch it?

Retro TV – Do you want to blog about a show that’s no longer in production? Let’s bring those blasts from the pasts back!

I’ve Never Seen – Is there a TV show or movie you’ve never seen? Do you want to blog your first impressions about it? Share why or why not it’s horrible. We have “I’ve Never Read” as well, for graphic novels or books.

We’re open to writers worldwide, and if you’re a fangirl, we want to hear from you!

Our email: talk @

Please include the following information with your message

  • A list of at least 2-4 topics you’d like to cover
  • How many articles you would like to deliver a week
  • Any favorite TV, film, comics, webseries, video games, and books
  • Links to any previous articles you’ve written, if possible

We’re accepting pitches and contributions from writers through March 2018.