Review Policy

Status: Currently accepting requests.

At What the Fangirl, we welcome requests for review. We’ll review any of the following:

Books, graphic novels, video games, movie screeners, television screeners, comics, subscription boxes and fandom-related things.
You may email us at talk (at) whatthefangirl dot com if you’re interested in submitting any titles for review.
We accept review copies in the forms of ARCs, PDFs, NetGalley access, Edelweiss, and online access to screeners. For video games, beta access is fine.
Our contributors are made up of students, writers, comic book shop workers, mothers, attorneys, bloggers, librarians, and other people who love pop culture, and who have a mission to get their voice out to the world. We would love for you to come along for the journey.
We currently accept review requests for YA, middle grade, new adult, and fiction books. All genres are welcome, as most reviewers have a preference for one or the other. LGBTQIA and women’s history are always an interest. Fairy tales ties in to our robust audience of the Once Upon a Time podcast, Other Side of the Mirror, so this genre is very welcome.
Upon publication of our review or coverage, we will send you a link for the published article. The posts are also shared via our social media accounts. Press releases are welcome. Giveaways, blog tours and interviews are encouraged. Some of our interviews can be conducted via email while others may be more suitable for Skype for the podcast.
Any part of our reviews may be used in the marketing material for a project, however, we’d love to be notified about it when it occurs!