Founded in 2015, What the Fangirl is a pop culture blog celebrating the best (and worst) of media from the perspective of the not-so-average fangirl. We love media in all of its forms. From books to comics to TV to video games, we’re committed to dissecting pop culture. Whether it’s geek culture or horror movies, we’re about everything you love and hate. We like sci-fi and fantasy but also encourage discussion on everything from classic HBO shows to YA novels. Whatever you’re passionate about, we want to hear.

We previously had two podcasts, Other Side of the Mirror, a Once Upon a Time podcast and The Litch Line for Orange is the New Black. The What the Fangirl podcast is currently undergoing a revamp and we will release a new one soon..

Who Are We?

We are two ladies, Bri and Alex, who ran two podcasts about two very different shows, Once Upon a Time and Orange is the New Black. We are passionate about podcasting mostly because of the amazing insight, varied opinions and stellar contributions of fans.

After releasing our “TV in the Twitter Age” episode of Other Side of the Mirror we were amazed by the feedback. We realized fans want to engage with media critically. You don’t need to work for a big media company to dissect what you are consuming. Indeed, fans are the new critics. We wanted to create a place where we could invite fans to discuss their perspectives on media. And so, What the Fangirl was born. Pop culture. Her way.

How Can I Contribute?

We are currently soliciting submissions from anyone who has something to say. In fact we can’t wait to let you say it, in your own words, with your own byline! Contact us today!