What’s Next for Jessica Chastain After Pivotal Lead Role in Molly’s Game?

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Molly’s Game, which premiered late last year, gave Jessica Chastain yet another well-earned and fantastically played lead role, as well as a handful of acting awards and nominations. Indeed, Chastain is one of the most versatile and sought-after talents in the industry today after her breakout role in Jolene (2008).

The 40-year-old actress has lent her impressive talent to award-winning films Tree of Life (2011) and Zero Dark Thirty (2012), as well as stunningly crafted sci-fi films Interstellar (2014) and The Martian (2015), the latter of which was explored in a previous post here on What The Fangirl. After developing an illustrious career over the span of just a decade, what’s next for Jessica Chastain?

A force to reckon with

The actress is showing no signs of slowing down this 2018. After appearing in no less than four big-budget films in 2017, the star is set to appear on this year’s superhero blockbuster X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Xavier Dolan’s drama The Death and Life of John F. Donovan.

Chastain is also working on films currently in production, several of which are under Freckle Films, the production company she founded. This includes the sci-fi flick The Division and the biopic Seducing Ingrid Bergman.

For a better Hollywood

Over the past years, Chastain made as many headlines for her outspokenness on Hollywood’s gender and race problems as she has for her acting work. She told the LA Times that it took her years to summon the courage to come forward out of fear of backlash. This changed in 2013, when the actress took to Facebook to clear out rumors of a feud between her and Oscar contender Jennifer Lawrence. Of this, she says, “I was so scared to do that on social media, but it was so easy… So then I was like, ‘Oh, that was easy, and I’m gonna do it all the time. I don’t care.'”

Since then, the actress has been vocal about the need for more women behind the camera to tell more realistic stories about women, while bringing to light the inappropriate actions of the opposite sex in Hollywood. More recently, she has also called out Hollywood’s stark whiteness and spoke about the industry’s need to be more diverse.

A well-rounded private life

For all of her candid remarks on the state of the industry, Chastain likes to lead a quiet life outside of work. Perhaps in 2018 she can get to walk her dog and play her ukulele more, which she’s mentioned in the past as some of her favorite things to do.

After immersing herself in the world of underground poker for Molly’s Game, she can also engage more in the sport. There’s always the option to play with friends, as PartyPoker points out that buddying up with better players and reading about the game are great ways to learn and improve. Of course, Chastain has had a head start in this regard, since professional players and dealers were there to show her the ropes in production and while she did her research for the role.

Moreover, the actress may also take up dancing again, which she had a knack for as a teenager before going into acting. This can also help her prepare for her role in Taylor Hackford’s upcoming musical drama George and Tammy.

What things are you looking forward to Jessica Chastain doing this 2018 and beyond? Let us know in the comments below!

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