No, This is Really Goodbye to the Other Side..

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It’s time to say goodbye to Other Side of the Mirror, our Once Upon a Time podcast. It was the beginning of our podcast ventures, and certainly won’t be the last. It taught us how we love to look at a show critically, but also just for fun, and analyze it as much as a well-worn paperback novel. The problem is now we can’t connect with the show at all. We delved into doing live recaps, where we reacted while the episodes were playing, and interacted with the show more on a fun, sarcastic level.

Now we’ve reached the point where there’s no connection with us. It’s not a comment on the writing, or the cast, or anything. Not everything can stick with you, and the show has been on for quite a while. We’ve been podcasting it for 5 years. It’s been with us through a lot, from moves to new locations, sudden illness, loss of beloved pets, job changes, everything that can affect one’s life. Most of the time, the show was a comfort, something to enjoy, but it’s just background noise now.

We, at our core, can’t podcast anything that doesn’t make us feel creative. We can’t work with any medium that doesn’t inspire creativity. We believe in celebrating what you love, and we don’t love it anymore. There was a point where we loved this fun fairy tale-infused show, even at its most ridiculousness, but that point has ended now which means we can’t react or comment on it further.

This is the beginning of new things. We couldn’t go forward with What the Fangirl’s podcast because there was a lot of focus on getting up the new Once ep, and analyzing it and editing it, etc. We’ll be putting up the entire Other Side of the Mirror episode archive (if you want to download it for some reason.) We aren’t going to put a goodbye episode up because there’s time for more things, things that we like.

So what’s next? Through these last five years, we’ve discovered that we love talking about TV, relationships, fans and media. We’ve decided to launch a femslash podcast — discussing canon and fanon couples of TV shows, comics, etc. We want to discuss representation, LGBTQ movies, etc. We want to discuss the shows that shaped our appreciation for tv, and also those of our listeners.This means a return to what Other Side kinda was in the beginning: discussion of themes, media response, fan response, and even fan creations. An ongoing water cooler discussion of femslash. With The L Word returning, and new and exciting characters on both network TV and cable, there is plenty to talk about. Bri might even finally watch Xena. And yes, Once might crop up in discussions.

We still want to have a Law and Order: SVU podcast, and have other “pilot” episodes we recorded and never launched because we had to record a Once recap, get it up, etc etc. We’re excited to play in a new inventive playground.  We can also return to What the Fangirl, and let it become what we envisioned both as a podcast and as a media website. Share the opinions of others, give them a venue to discuss what they love, and hopefully one day be able to pay them for their content.

We still believe talking about things you love is a worthwhile goal. There’s so more dissent in the world, it’s much more fun to share about something you love — even if it has faults, because media isn’t flawless. We’ve found that it’s way better for our souls and creativity to flourish.

We hope that’s the goal that you see, and will listen to our new creations, read the articles, and continue to connect with us as you have been since 2012.

Thank you to anyone who came on our shows, left us a comment, interacted with us on Twitter or Facebook, met up with us at a con or in a city, made a pledge on our Patreon, contributed content. We appreciate every single thing you’ve done and hope to create something amazing in 2018.

Bri is the founder and co-editor of What the Fangirl. She loves chai lattes, Disney and fairy tales.

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