Sit Down and Get Overexcited About This New Game of Thrones Teaser

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The seventh (and penultimate) season of HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres July 16. There’s been plenty of sightings and speculation and an earlier teaser with next to no new footage, as is their standard practice. But today they’ve released a new teaser that is far and away more interesting:

This promo says GAME ON. And while I don’t expect to see any of this in the actual series, it does tell us a lot.

Only three characters appear. That’s not new in itself, last season ended with these three in power and poised to resume the war of kings, if it ever really ended. But then they were flanked by their supporters, their armies, while here we have dramatically empty hallways the rulers walk down with purpose. It tells the audience it’s time to focus on the endgame. We should expect one of these three to take the Iron Throne once and for all.

But! Which Iron Throne? Because two appear in the teaser: Cersei sits on the one we know, in King’s Landing, and Daenerys on another, larger and more primitive, perhaps in Dragonstone? Which is the “real” Iron Throne is the same debate as which is the “real” Queen. Both have a valid claim depending on point of view.

And then there’s Jon Snow, who doesn’t take a throne, and looks somber in comparison to the confidence Cersei and Daenerys exert. Is this to show he doesn’t really want to be King? Which in fantasy fiction rules means he’s most likely to ascend?

A few more quick notes:

  • The dragon has three heads. Two of these three are definitely dragons. I find it highly unlikely that Cersei will be revealed to be a Targaryen and they’ll all unite and have a big party instead of a battle but OMIGOSH would I love that ending.
  • I am so in love with the Lannister Lion window treatments. It’s super telling that Cersei is surrounded by her House trappings while the other two stand amongst the ancient and unchanged. Kingship is utterly transient and the Lannisters in particular are “new money” types without the long connection to history and land Stark and Targaryen share.
  • Dany’s throne could eat Cersei’s for breakfast I love it.
  • The fourth corner House is missing from the promos so far but not all Baratheons are dead. That said Gendry showing up and taking the throne would be an even more boring ending than Jon getting it — reappear: yes, please. Rule: NO.
  • There is a fourth king in the teaser, however, the Night King aka Zombie Warlord set to destroy. Perhaps season seven will unite Westeros and season eight will be about fighting him off?
  • “Those who feel the breath of sadness
    Sit down next to me
    Those who find they’re touched by madness
    Sit down next to me
    Those who find themselves ridiculous
    Sit down next to me
    Love, in fear, in hate, in tears” <—- well played.


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