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The Good Fight 1.7: Not So Grand Jury

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Scandal News:

We start where last week ended, with Colin telling Lucca the State’s Attorney’s office has discovered evidence her firm accepted an $800k bribe. She tells Maia, and Rose Leslie’s face wavers between despair and honest anger, but they know they have to tell the partners. Meanwhile Kresteva visits Elspeth to get her Alexa assistant and after listening to it for hours the SAs office shuts down because they’ve all gone mad. No, actually they figure out the bribe was made up, and go after Henry Rindell.

Maia heads home and AMY IS ON SCREEN. She hands over a stiff drink because surprise, Henry has dropped in to visit. After an awkward exchange about the fact that Amy may need to leave her home because she too lost money in his scandal, she sadly exits the scene and I already miss her again.

Henry and Maia turn off their respective recording devices so they can talk plainly, but it has me so paranoid that I think one or both or Amy in the other room are still recording. They spit at each other more than talk but the simple version is: Henry claims to be doing everything he’s doing to save the family, including Maia, whose signature is on some unspecified foundation documents. Henry has never once come off sympathetic and I’m really worried for Maia.

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Case of the Week:

Now that Kresteva has “proof” of the firm’s corruption, he’s enlisted an AUSA (hi Aaron Tveit!) and paneled a grand jury to indict them. Elspeth says grand juries always indict, which is simply not true on these series, but as Kresteva knows the bribe is fake it’s clear he’s in it for more nefarious reasons anyway. Mike wants to discredit and bankrupt the firm as retaliation for the police brutality suits they’ve represented against the city.

Their best play is to tout the racial makeup of the firm which will make the jury and/or the State’s Attorney squirm. As Barbara points out, this isn’t even, really, a tactic — it’s the truth: Kresteva is going after them because they represented black people abused by white cops. But tactic or truth, it works well, with every firm witness’s answers bringing race explicitly (back) into the conversation. Kresteva and Tveit’s Spencer Zschau make spectacular faces of surprise, disbelief, concern, and exasperation as it goes on.  

The duo scramble, which includes dragging Marissa to court, and I love that her role has thus far been ‘someone underestimates Marissa and then she destroys them’. More please! Marissa not only kills it in court she snaps a picture of Andrew Hart, their competition (who last week got Julius Cain, though that never comes up this week).

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Scheme of the Week:

In order to discover what Kresteva is up to with the Grand Jury, the firm sues him for tortious interference. As with bringing up race in all their answers in front of the grand jury, this is a scheme based in reality. Kresteva’s single minded pursuit of the firm is interfering in their relationship with at least a handful of clients. But like the indictment itself, the firm doesn’t expect to win the case, they want to use it to find out what Kresteva thinks he has on them, and which clients they need to shore up.

Colin is assigned to defend Kresteva and instantly hates his life even more than he already did. Colin reminds me of Finn Polmar and I’m not sure how much longer he’ll last as an ASA. This all results in more Colin and Lucca working out their weird relationship in plain view while practicing law and it’s not as cute as they think it is. Anyway, all the plots come together when the schtup list is revealed to be a smoking gun against Diane and our protagonists get away from Kresteva by revealing he’d offered Henry a light sentence of 10 years, which enrages all the people he swindled.

Kresteva returns Alexa to Elspeth but promises it’s not over.

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Shipping News:

My ships are real! First, Marissa and Jay share a moment in the elevator, which is an extra level of shippable in this series’ universe. This plus playing a couple last week reads actual romantic plot to me. They are cute and I am into it.

But then at the end of the episode Maia agrees to go out for a drink with Marissa which is also super shippable and in most universes, not just this show’s. Maia really needs a friend so I’m glad that this episode gave her supportive scenes with Lucca, Marissa, and even Diane. And we even got that tiny reminder that Amy exists! Now, give me more Amy, and have Lucca join in on the drinks next time and I’ll be happy.

In OTP news, Diane comes to Adrian ready to throw herself to the wolves to save the firm and he not only talks her out of it, he makes her laugh her big full throated laugh (golly I love Diane Lockhart laughing). It is a beautiful scene and I adore them.

And then there’s Lucca and Colin who continue to mainly bore me which is sad cuz I love both actors and have a fair amount of affection for both characters.

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