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MIT Students Bring Riri Williams Ironheart to Life!

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MIT won Pi Day in my eyes!

For admissions latest video, a group of students made a fan video featuring MIT’s recent famous but fictional student, Riri Williams. In Marvel comics, Riri was a MIT student who reversed engineered Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit to create her own. This fan film has Riri walking the halls of the school before donning her Ironheart armor to pick up her admissions letter.

EW reported:

Titled “Not all heroes wear capes – but some carry tubes,” the fan film is directed by Chris Peterson and Selam G., and stars Ayomide F. as Ironheart.

“Chris asked to meet with me last fall, in late September,” Selam G. wrote in a blog post. “We sat down in an office in MIT Admissions. ‘For the spring admissions video,’ he said, ‘I basically want to make a two-minute trailer for the new Iron Man with Riri Williams.’ This sentence, and the conversation that we had afterward, was what would eventually turn into the video you all saw posted on Tuesday.”

Check out the amazing fan video below!

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