The Good Fight 1.5 Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate

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The Good Fight went after Trump and NBC this week. The line between reality and fiction is so blurred as to be invisible.

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Scandal News:
Mike Krestva is using the Rindell scandal to go after the firm. Maia’s a first year associate who’s only been there maybe a month but she’s also one of the main characters so, sure. And of course, Diane is mucked up in the scandal, though you wouldn’t know it lately (she hasn’t been involved in this plot since the second episode), and she is also a main character, and further up the chain of command than Maia. Anyway, it’s again/still a little pat, but the crux is, Kresteva’s using Maia and her dad and their scandal to get his way. Either they’ll be discredited, fined, disbarred, etc. or they’ll be too busy fighting him to pursue police brutality cases.

Part of Kresteva’s plot involves using his connections to get Henry Rindell out of jail, and turn him into an informant. Which brings us back to the Schtup List of people Jax and/or Henry did various nefarious and/or illegal things for, that Maia stole from Jax’s computer and gave to Henry. Maia’s poor decisions are coming back to bite her in big way.

One, the firm has to hire a lawyer. On Alicia’s advice by way of Lucca, they choose the delightful Elsbeth Tascioni, who is inexplicably working out of a dentist’s office, but more than a match for Mike Kresteva. He threatens to go after her friends and family so she tells his wife they work together and gets herself invited into his home and even helps address invitations to his wedding anniversary party. That’s diabolical! And, of course, because TGW/GF loves to play with recording, she has him threatening her on tape so he can’t open her up to investigation without also opening up himself. Round one to Elsbeth.

But back to Maia, two, Elsbeth points out that the only person connected to both the Schtup List and the law firm is Maia, herself, and it’s likely Henry implicated her. Which just drives home what I come to realize every time we spend time with them: Maia’s family is the worst!

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Case of the Week:
In an amazing twist, The Good Fight pulls off a ripped from the headlines plot about Law & Order: SVU, the franchise most known for ripping cases from the headlines. Last Fall, SVU chose not to air an episode loosely based on Donald Trump’s rape scandal twice, and has since tabled it indefinitely (I’ve been saying since October we will never see it). In The Good Fight, the same thing happened on “one of those Chicago shows” (A++ meta shout out) so the writer of the episode posted it online and the series decides to sue him for damages.

Adrian’s plan is to use the case as an ‘audition’ to convince the studio to hire the firm — a classic Will Gardner play, I’ll note. They go through a list of arguments to varying degrees of mostly failure but end up winning when President Trump tweets in support of the studio and against the writer so Adrian can argue Free Speech. I’m sort of disappointed this didn’t really happen.

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Scheme of the Week:
Diane still doesn’t have her $300,000 capital contribution and per firm rules if she doesn’t get it in by the end of the week she’ll be dropped from equity partner to of counsel. She plans to address this by moving out of her big luxury apartment and into something she can afford — a “fixer-upper” or a studio. But then Neil Gross drops out of the sky to offer her new firm his ChumHum millions because they are fighters. He knows they are fighters because they are sticking it to the television studio and the president, and also because they are African-American (he doesn’t explicitly say this, but he points it out a number of times making the subtext/casual racism clear).

So Diane brings in ChumHum and negotiates that a) the 300k she owes be taken from the retainer and b) she be made a name partner. I did not expect such a quick turnaround on that! You can’t keep Diane Lockhart down for even a half season! I guess she gets to keep her apartment.

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Shipping News:

Kurt comes to Diane for help with a speech he’s been asked to give about new ballistics technology. She not only helps rewrite it, getting him drunk in the process, she shows up to support him at the event and they end up back in bed together. But when he asks her to move in with him, or at the least let him help her with a new apartment, she declines and attempts to close the door on him and them again. This is all quite bittersweet and very them.

Kurt also gives Diane a gun which she tucks into her bookshelf at work and that is definitely going to come up again as it is LITERALLY Chekhov’s Gun. Please comment with who you think is most likely to shoot it and be shot!

Adrian and Barbara have an amazing back and forth and I love it. They are so very very Will and Diane that I don’t want to ship them but I also can’t help it (to be fair, at this point I’m pretty sure Delroy Lindo would have chemistry with a rock). I’m still Team Adrian/Diane, but.

Lucca and Colin have their smoothie date (after he shows up in court to distract her and she flirts and it’s supposed to be cute I guess but come on Lucca), cause a car alarm to go off by kissing, and end up naked in bed. So that’s happening. I am not nearly as into it as the show wants me to be.

Instead I am super invested in Lucca and Alicia despite or perhaps because of Alicia’s absence. Lucca tells Colin what she once told Alicia, “I don’t have a friend,” but later refers to her lost best friend and the hurt that letting people in brings. So, you know, Colin’s a cutie but he has a lot to live up to, okay?

Finally, Amy has been MIA and it’s starting to be glaring. Come on, show!

Next week: Reddick, Bozeman, Kolstad & Lockhart takes on whatever Twitter is in the ChumHum world.

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