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The Good Fight 1.4 Henceforth Known as Property

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This week’s plots are held together shakily by questions about manipulation regarding the ownership of one’s body. There’s a case about a woman’s eggs/potential child and a scandal about Maia’s likeness being stolen and a scheme about Diane’s mind being twisted. It doesn’t all hold together but there are some lovely scenes.

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Scandal of the Week:

Maia’s photographer ex-boyfriend created a twitter bot to tweet as Maia about canning (not Canning) and her sex life. When confronted, he ups the ante and news stories about Maia being fired and spending $350k on jewelry pop up to drag her down. She tries to go legal and serve him with a restraining order, but due to his internet shenanigans Cook County doesn’t have jurisdiction. So she goes on the offensive by posting fake news stories about him. It works in so much as he is driven to deleting the bot that feeds the stories — but they’d already been picked up on Reddit and now random unknowns are spreading the false and inflammatory information. Maia is counseled to make like Elsa and let it go.

This subplot is clunky and heavy handed (more than one person says “FAKE NEWS” in a manner to make you hear the capslock) but it gives us such interesting details (Maia has an ex-boyfriend…the subtext is she then came out as a lesbian, not bisexual, but it could go either way from here and I’m concerned but also interested) and team-ups (Maia and Marissa and Jay and Yesha and then Adrian shows up to really drive home his status as my current fave) that I don’t even care. And then in the last seconds it drops into the more pressing plot and takes on way more import.  Which brings us to,

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Scheme of the Week:

Mike Kresteva is a menace! He is straight up evil! And Diane knows it, and tries to warn Adrian, and tries to save herself, but fails at both because Mike Kresteva is legitimately, literally, actually no kidding straight up evil AND a pathological liar. He uses his dead son to make Diane look bad TWICE. He is the worst! But it sure does make for great television.

Kresteva, who terrorized Alicia in The Good Wife until he was beaten to the Governor’s office by Peter, has been appointed as special investigator for Cook County and his big plan to address the rising cost of police brutality is not to address and reduce police brutality but to attack and reprove the law firm that brings the most cases of police brutality. And in a classic Kresteva move he tries to gaslight Diane on the stand (!) in front of the grand jury inquiry that’s the first leg of his plan.

It’s a bit pat that he list of people Kresteva subpoenas equals the main characters of the series. Boseman is the named partner who brought at least the most recent case, and theoretically the most cases, against the city and Lucca was his second chair but Kresteva clearly goes after Diane for more personal reasons, though he can also use her to show the firm is minority led/owned but not minority only. And Maia, well, she’s a lightning rod for attention due to the scandal, and he uses that against the firm by latching on to the fake news — but she is tangential at best to the actual topic at hand (she was Diane’s second chair when they opposed Adrian and Lucca for the police brutality case in the pilot).

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Case of the Week:

It’s complicated. Eight years ago one of the firm’s first client’s sold 12 of her eggs to a fertility clinic for $20,000. Her contract specified that if the eggs were not used within five years, they would revert to her ownership. After a cancer scare she’s decided she wants to move forward with having a child now and wants her eggs back. Unfortunately, two years ago the clinic donated them to a university; 11 eggs were destroyed but the last was given to a couple to be used in an experimental procedure — one not available in the United States, so the couple are travelling to England to have it done — that will graft the client’s egg/DNA onto the defendant’s egg so she can have a healthy baby despite her medical/genetic disorder. At first the judge rules in favor of the couple but when Diane alerts the English authorities that her client was compensated over Britain’s legal limit the egg is set to be destroyed and the judge decides to revert ownership instead since the couple can’t do anything with it and the client wants to. It’s another of those cases of the week that makes the law look weird and difficult, but good news for our side.

The best part, however, is that it leads to Diane and Barbara bonding. Barbara asks Diane if she regrets never having children and they have a frank discussion about the children versus career debate. It wasn’t a new conversation — this was a foundation of The Good Wife what with Alicia taking 15 years off to raise her children and only returning to her career out of financial necessity — but it was a new side of Diane and a great way to attach her to Barbara. Diane admits to sometimes wondering what Kurt’s son or her daughter would have been like. Cue sobbing despite my current attachment to the Adrian/Diane ship. Which bring us to,

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Shipping News:

Diane and Kurt are not as over as Diane wants to believe. Not only does she call him “my husband” and reminisce about the children they’re never going to have, she then starts to call him. Kurt’s back next week so stay tuned for more angst!

Diane and Barbara have that rivals who start to respect each other, could it be more? thing and I’m not opposed, I just ship other ships more.  

Such as Diane and Adrian, my legit OTP. I can’t be the only one who sees their sparks flying or all the callbacks to Alicia and Will? But even if I must ship it alone I will ship it with gusto!

Barbara and Laura (the client) are old friends and they giggle and gossip over the firm hiring Diane and it would be a cute twist if Barbara ended up helping to raise the baby. Just saying.

Lucca and Colin continue to flirt at the bar, this time so Lucca can get intel about Kresteva’s investigation. I’m glad that Colin speaks up against Kresteva and I’ve been a fan of Justin Bartha since National Treasure but so far they are pushing this romance way more than I care about it.

Marissa and Maia are adorable and if we don’t see Amy soon I’m going to forget I don’t want them to get together.

Next week: Colin and Lucca kiss, Neil Gross pops up, Maia’s dad comes home, but most importantly Elspeth Tascioni terrorizes Kresteva!

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