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The Good Fight 1.3 The Schtup List

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Three stories unfold in The Good Fight’s third episode — the first to premiere at its regular time and streaming station. The first is the case of the week involving a doctor operating on a possible terrorist via Skype. The second is the scheme of the week in which the firm scrambles to keep a top client by proving they don’t entirely hate President Trump. And the third is Maia’s investigation into the ongoing scandal involving her family. This is a familiar set up to fans of The Good Wife, and likely how episodes will generally go. Let’s start with Maia.

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Scandal News:

Maia confronts her mother about catching Lenore in bedclothes, if not actually bed, with her uncle/the man her father claims is behind the Ponzi scheme, and Lenore claims she’s getting close to Jax in order to … catch him in a lie? I guess? Lenore’s “plan” is vague at best and Maia is unconvinced. Since Lenore made up dying of cancer last week, I am also skeptical.

Maia next visits her father, with her lawyer and his lawyer, to (also vaguely) ask if he has any reason to suspect there’s something going on between his wife and his brother. Against legal advice — with both lawyers shouting in face — he whispers instructions to Maia when he hugs her goodbye. Maia then enlists Marissa to distract Jax with a phone call while she gets the secret intel off his computer. Considering his business partner is a guest of the Federal Prison System right now Jax is lax about security. But Maia gets the info and brings it to her father, now without lawyers. He tells her he can use it against Jax, and maybe Lenore, if she is involved. Since Maia’s lawyer helpfully explained that there are no protections on Maia I expect this will come back to haunt her.

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Scheme of the Week:

Julius Cain voted for Trump. I feel betrayed, but I guess I can see it. And it turns out to be a good thing for the firm since another minority-led firm was trying to steal their business by promoting themselves as Trump approved (because they had a Trump PAC) while Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad have been making a name for themselves going after law enforcement and the city. Julius successfully woos the client back by admitting he voted for Trump and his conservative values (OK, Julius). The leader of the opposition, Andrew Hart, visits Julius to tell him to get ready for the shunning and to call when he’s had enough of it. Interesting.

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Case of the Week:

A heart surgeon Diane is defending in a malpractice suit is arrested for supporting terrorism when he directs an operation taking place in Syria through Doctors Without Borders. Diana and Lucca are initially able to get him released on the basis that he was unaware the patient was a terrorist but he is rearrested when he calls back to finish the operation. Now they have only four hours to prove the patient is not a terrorist  before he dies on the operating table. Diane gets a member of the Chicago Medical Board to explain Chicago law states the doctor could lose his license for not completing the operation so AUSA Colin Morello brings out an Army doctor to prove the laws are different for combat situations. Things get interesting when the Army doc slips that the suspected terrorist is a member of ISIS, which allows the judge to request the identity of the patient. Turns out he’s an American, Tariq, a young man who went to Syria to try and convince his older brother, Amar, to leave ISIS and come home.

Colin successfully argues that by bringing a plane ticket to his brother Tariq supported terrorism and the doctor cannot be allowed to operate. But then Amar shows up and threatens to kill everyone in the hospital if they don’t save his brother. As the threat has become clear and present the judge releases the doctor to continue the operation. Diane and Lucca win! But the victory is hollow as Lucca and Colin watch the news report the destruction of the hospital by the U.S. once Amar the terrorist was confirmed to be there. 

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Shipping News:

Lucca and Colin flirt all through the trial, and at the bar during and after, positioning themselves as the It Couple of the series. Lucca claims Colin isn’t her type but he has a Cary vibe and she hit that, so.

Marissa meets the firm’s real investigator, Jay, when he cautions her to not investigate behind his back. They help each other back and forth and don’t flirt but totally could if they wanted to.

Marissa also meets and helps Maia and they don’t flirt but totally could if they wanted to (but I don’t want to break up Maia and Amy so they should just flirt).

Diane and Adrian don’t speak at all this week but Adrian tells Barbara to ease off her and he’s super cute about it and I seriously want them to be the new Will and Alicia. I don’t even know why I ship it so hard, something about Delroy Lindo’s performance? But I do!


Next week: Diane and Adrian are served, Kurt calls, Marissa and Maia flirt (!!), and Mike Crostivo is back. He’s the guy Alicia told to “die choking on your own blood, please” so I have high hopes for this return!

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