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Now Streaming: The Detour, a Fast-Paced Slapstick Family Road Trip

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Created by actor and The Daily Show alum, Jason Jones, and his wife, Samantha Bee, The Detour is a rollicking look at a road trip where everything goes wrong for one family. The first season of The Detour was just added to Hulu, and the second season is set to premiere February 21 on TBS, which means y0u’ve got enough time to catch up!

Recommended for fans of Broad City and Search Party, The Detour is inspired by the real-life family trips of Bee and Jones. Jones stars as Nate Parker Jr and his ill-fated family road trip, which is revealed throughout Nate’s discussions with a federal agent. The Parkers are headed for Florida from New York, but the trip is anything but simple, as they’re waylaid by vehicle problems, incompetent family members, secrets, illicit drugs, and that’s just the beginning. Despite the fact it’s about a family, it’s  a feel-good family comedy – just look at the first episode where they go to a strip club, or a restaurant that celebrates the conquistadors.

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The Detour is a show that’s made for binging, because it’s a half-hour situational comedy that keeps raising the stakes against its players at a frenetic pace, while taking occasional breathers. The Detour season one revolves around the road trip from hell. At the center, is a mysterious substance that Nate has smuggled from his former job, PFR, and has tried to expose through a dubious “blogger.” The mystery of the substance isn’t revealed until the final episode, and it’s the catalyst for most of the show’s disastrous events.

Jason Jones and Natalie Zea of The Detour on TBS.

Jason Jones and Natalie Zea of The Detour on TBS.

The Detour cast is fantastic, especially Jones and on-screen wife, Natalie Zea, who plays Robin. Both excel at playing parents who just barely have it together, but also want to keep their children grounded, rational and worldly. One of the best examples is in the episode “The Tank” where they explain the facts of life to their children…in the middle of a car garage, while Davey the mechanic (Judge Reinhold) listens in the background. Along the way pop up a few other great guest stars, such as Mindy Sterling, who believes the children have been kidnapped. I also love Vanessa’s Danielle Pineda, best known to TV viewers as Sophie Deveraux from The Vampire Diaries.

I watched the entire first season in the span of two days, streaming one episode after another. While every episode made me (and my site co-creator, Alex) laugh, the season definitely has a few standouts:

  • The Hotel
  • The Restaurant
  • The B&B

TBS has undergone a bit of rebranding in recent years, becoming more diverse and edgier than the TBS of your youth. The Detour is an exciting part of what TBS and TNT President Kevin Reilly described as “A huge slate of awesomely in-your-face programming.” It’s what the recent reboots of the Vacation film series tried — a comedy where every member of the family has a purpose, voice, and role in this crazy road trip. And it ends in a perfect cliffhanger and also gave me something to laugh about when I, too, got lost recently in a road trip to Florida.

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Find season one now on Hulu, Playstation VUE or TBS on demand, then catch the second season’s premiere tonight! The Detour season two finds the Parkers in the Big Apple, with a “reset.”

Have you seen The Detour? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 




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