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The Good Fight, a sequel and spin-off to The Good Wife, centers Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart. Baranski was nominated for an Emmy Award as Outstanding Supporting Actress six times for The Good Wife — now she’s the lead, though still in an ensemble series. So here’s what you need to know.

AKA Stern, Lockhart/Gardner; Lockhart/Gardner & Bond; LG; Lockhart/Gardner & Canning; Lockhart, Florrick/Agos; Lockhart, Agos & Lee; Lockhart/Lee.

Diane’s firm has had quite a few iterations. Her longest partnership was with Will Gardner, with whom she founded the firm (along with her mentor, Jonas Stern) and it withstood the recession of 2008 and subsequent ongoing financial troubles, Stern leaving, a failed merger, Will’s suspension, and the defection of Alicia Florrick and Cary Agos. Will was attempting to expand the practice beyond Chicago when he was shot and killed by a client. Diane has a rocky relationship with current partner David Lee, who has tried to push her out on more than one occasion.


The Good Wife was as much about politics as the law and Diane was positioned as the most left leaning of the mostly left leaning main characters. She is pro-choice, firmly against the Death Penalty and  for Gun Control, Equal Pay, and Marriage Equality. She is a member of Emily’s List and displays a picture of herself and Hillary Clinton in her office. Diane is decidedly and loudly a Democrat but also an almost stereotypically elitist one.

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Mentoring and the All Woman Firm

Diane thinks of herself as a mentor and an example to any woman who works for her. She is an unabashed (white) feminist who came into her own power within the All Boys Club and wants to create an All Girls Club. As with her politics, she has very lofty ideals that tend to be disconnected from her actions. She thinks she’s entitled to a certain level of respect. But for all her flaws, Diane is a capable mentor.


Diane was offered a judgeship twice during the series, and lost it to political machinations and a refusal to compromise her ideals both times. Although she clearly loves the law, it’s always seemed Diane wants to be a Judge more to prove herself and achieve higher status, and power, than out of an interest in the job. Diane loves to argue, and is terrible at being impartial. These traits make her a brilliant lawyer, but don’t lend themselves to being a successful judge.

Justice is also the name of Diane’s dog, though he hasn’t been seen since the pilot.


Kurt McVeigh is Diane’s witness turned lover who she eventually married despite their wildly opposing political viewpoints. Kurt’s Tea Party politics are so far right the relationship interfered in Diane’s judgeship ambitions and her friends staged an intervention when the two got engaged. But while their views are dissimilar, their personalities are complimentary and their chemistry is electric.

In the final episode of The Good Wife, Kurt was questioned in court about an affair he allegedly had with a former student of his. Diane left the room rather than hear his answer, and took the audience with her, so we don’t know any details.

Lucca Quinn

Lucca is the only other series regular crossing from The Good Wife to The Good Fight. But while Diane was introduced in the pilot, Lucca was a late addition to TGW cast, appearing only in the final season. She works with Alicia, first on their own but ultimately for Diane’s firm (at the time, Lockhart, Agos, and Lee). But, though under Alicia’s direction, she was the one who questions Diane’s husband about his alleged affair. 


The Good Fight premieres Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 8pm/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. All subsequent episodes will released Sundays weekly  on the streaming site.



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