Pokemon Go, Starbucks, and Now Sprint Team Up for Massive Event and New Pokemon!

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My Starbucks barista friend described it at “Pokemon Go Day,” and it starts on December 8th! It looks like Starbucks and the mobile game are teaming up for an event with new drinks, new items, and most importantly:

New Pokemon!

Details are still unclear about how exactly the event will work. There’s been rumors for months about Generation Two Pokemon coming in December. Some people are speculating that it’s going to be the release of  Legendary Birds (Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos), Mewtwo, and/or Mew.

From a leaked document from Starbucks (which you can see at the bottom of the page), a new berry based drink will be released too. Also, almost every Starbucks will be either a Pokestop or a Gym. Because of server issues and technological limitations, there will probably be a few Starbucks that won’t be turned.

But wait there’s more!

Forbes is reporting that Niantic (the company that owns Pokemon Go) and Sprint are teaming up to turn over 10,000 stores into Pokestops and gyms too! The Pokemon Company will make a big announcement on December 12th, but details are very hush hush on that too.

Either way, big things are coming to the mobile game. Be on the lookout here at What the Fangirl when those details drop.


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