Watch Stevie Nicks Sing Bootleg Version of Wild Heart While in the Makeup Chair

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Want to watch something transcendent? Check out Stevie Nicks singing her 1983 song Wild Heart while getting makeup for a Rolling Stone photo shoot. There is just something special about watching a performer in an unguarded moment that was never meant to be a official recording…. let alone a video that surfaces more than 30 years later. Thanks, YouTube!

Wild Heart is the first song on Stevie’s 1983 solo album and it’s pretty mediocre on the recording. But this stripped down, makeup chair bootleg is pure gold. There’s no autotune here, kids! It seems worth remembering that every time we dismiss an over-produced pop song, that its true heart might emerge differently in live performance.

This is what makes Stevie a magical performer. She can’t sit still for long once the music gets flowing. The makeup artist just has to roll with it.

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