Steven Universe Returns from Hiatus Next Week!

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It’s right around the corner! Steven Universe will return from hiatus on November 17th, 2016 with the thirty minute special “Gem Harvest.” A preview of the episode was released at New York Comic Con which we covered back in October.

There seems to be talks of a holiday special coming too, and the rumors look like it might possibly be the episode “Three Gems and a Baby.” Nothing official has confirmed this.

What can you do to pass the time between now and November 17th? Have you seen the season four shorts yet? The Mary Sue did reviews of them, but they also have a list of them as well.

I want to share the final short below. It’s called “Steven’s Song Time.” Even though it was released a few months ago, it’s needed. Our country is split. We have division between our fellow human beings. Here, we have a song about space rocks and cosmic fighting, but more than anything, it’s a song about coming together. I fully believe in using art to help heal and fight back. I’ve said this before on Twitter and I’ll say it again:

Steven Universe never stops making me feel more like a human being.

Be good to each other, and see you next week, Steven Universe.


Source GameNGuide, The Mary Sue

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