Her Universe and Hot Topic have Merged, and I Still Have Questions

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In a press release followed by a Facebook Live video, it was announced the geeky fashion company Her Universe has merged with Hot Topic.

This merger raised many concerns with fans, me included since I used to work for Hot Topic, but Ashley Eckstein [Her Universe’s creator] calmed many of those fears. In a letter to her fans, she said:

Her Universe will continue to be a stand-alone brand that is available at multiple retailers and on just like we always have been. We will also be continuing with the Her Universe Fashion Show and Her Universe Press. Honestly, the Her Universe brand that we’ve all grown and built together will continue as you’ve known it, but exciting growth and amazing opportunities lie ahead.

What can you expect? Here’s just a sampling:

* We’ll finally be able to offer more plus sizes

* We’re going to offer our designs in Europe

* We’ll be designing some fashion for men

* We’ll be re-launching a new and improved Her Universe Press

* We’re going to add more licenses, more active wear and more fashion categories

In the Facebook Live interview, Miss Eckstein answered many questions from licensing to products in the works and even how Her Universe Press will be affected. I’ll post a video of it at the bottom of this article if you’re interested in watching it.

I still have questions about this merger. I reached out to Her Universe, but I’ve yet to hear back from them. I’ll update this post if I get those answers.

Some of my leftover questions are:

  1. My day job is working in a comic book store. Comic book stores seems like an ideal place for Her Universe to sell their superhero merchandise. A lot of their clothes are offered through various distributors like Diamond Comic Distributor. The cost of getting their shirts is already high for a locally owned business like us. We barely make a profit on their shirts unless we overcharge our customers, which we refuse to do. This is why we rarely carry Her Universe merchandise in our store. My first question is will the cost of Her Universe merchandise go up or down with this merger? Second question is will it still be offered to local businesses like us or will it solely be Hot Topic? Third, will there be strides to help locally owned businesses get affordable Her Universe merchandise?
  1. Discussed in the Facebook Live video, Her Universe Press has been delayed because the Hot Topic merger was being banged out. But Hot Topic has no influence over Her Universe Press, right?
  1. I’m not a fashion designer, but if I have an idea, will there be ways in the future for the everyday person like me to submit my ideas?
  1. #WheresHera is still a huge drive in the Star Wars: Rebels fandom. There is a massive lack of Hera Syndulla merchandise. Her Universe has covered Sabine Wren fashion. Any plans for Hera in the future?
  1. I like dresses and skirts on occasion, but I’m not a girly girl. I prefer blazers and vests with some slacks. There are also many fangirls and fanboys who are transitioning genders. Are there any plans for androgynous wear?

It’s going to be interesting to see where this merger will go and how it will affect Her Universe in the future. I will admit that I’m a bit wary about it. I worked for Hot Topic for many years, and I’m familiar with their business practices. There’s a reason it only has a three star review on Glassdoor.

But that’s a post for another time.

Check out Miss Eckstein’s Facebook Live video below:


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