Honest Trailers Rips Into Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Hot Topic Legacy

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Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer series just took on the 2015 reboot Ghostbustersbut their newest one is even better. Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas is their newest target, and it pretty much nails this beloved classic. It asks the questions we all might have, such as “Is there a plot?” or “Is this a Halloween or Christmas movie?” or “This one-side love story is romantic?” It also asks what did Tim Burton actually do in this movie? (He wrote the poem and came up with the idea of the film, but not the screenplay, nor did he direct it.) Finally, it shows how the movie created a genre of creepy beautiful animation for kids, ala Coraline, Paranorman, etc.

So while you should come for the sendup of Tim Burtons better years, you should stay for the song “This is Hot Topic,” set to the tune of “This is Halloween.” The song lampoons Hot Topic and its merchandise,  especially the millions made off the characters of the film. A sample:

Boys and girls of every age

Wouldn’t you like to shop somewhere strange?

Tim Burton and black lipstick

When you shop at Hot Topic

This is Hot Topic

This is Hot Topic

Right across from the Sunglass Hut

I lost it hearing this song, and had to immediately watch again. Check it out at 2:20.

Did you watch? What was your take on it? What movie should they do next? Leave us know in the comments! Personally, I want to see their take on Once Upon a Time.


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