A Carol Burnett Comedy Produced by Amy Poehler? Yaasss Kween!

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The Hollywood Reporter has the inside scoop on a big deal by ABC for a new sitcom starring Carol Burnett. The as-yet untitled show “centers on a family who gets the chance to buy the house of their dreams — one that they could never afford — on the condition that they live with the current owner, an older actress (Burnett), until she dies.” This is pretty much the scenario that is playing out right now with Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy Mansion, which is on the market with the condition that he remains on the property until he dies.

Clearly, putting Burnett in Hefner’s shoes is a big upgrade.


yasWe have Amy Poehler to thank for producing this show, which triggered a bidding war and got a huge commitment from ABC for the put-pilot. The show-runner may be Michael Saltzman, who wrote for Mad Men, Murphy Brown and Wings. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Saltzman “grew up idolizing Burnett” and is signed to write the pilot.

Poheler has brought us a lot of quality TV over the last three years, including Difficult People, Broad City and The UCB Show.

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