Eion Bailey Returns to Once Upon A Time! What Does This Mean for Captain Swan?

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I’m glad this news came out, because I was already planning to write a piece about August in relation to the Captain Swan pairing. Sometimes, luck wins out to give you what you’re looking for. I’m going to address the news first, then I’ll discuss August and Emma’s relationship afterward.

ET Online reported that Eion Bailey will return to Once Upon A Time as August W. Booth/Pinocchio at some point in the first half of season six.

Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis promise that August’s homecoming will be especially helpful to his BFF, Emma, who is currently battling with mental visions of her own demise.

“As a resident of Storybrooke and a close friend of Emma’s, every now and then you need to call on Pinocchio to save the day,” the showrunners shared with ET.

I’m really excited about this news, since I have always loved August. As a writer myself, I always connected with him in that way. He was such a great mystery in season one as fans tried to figure out who he was. He’s one of the best but most underused characters in the show. Plus to be super shallow, Mr. Bailey is a beautiful man that I can look at all day.

The reason I wanted to discuss August in relation to Captain Swan came from listening to Other Side of the Mirror podcast, one of the shows associated with What the Fangirl. In their episode “Another Brick in the Wall, Reaction to The Savior,” Bri and Alex discussed the Captain Swan relationship. The short version of what they talked about is that Captain Swan hasn’t developed like a real relationship. The couple is always fighting monsters, lying about issues, and rarely have big discussions unless their lives are being threatened. Bri and Alex called for new challenges for the couple that didn’t involve some sort of evil invading Storybrooke.

 One challenge I’ve always wanted to see was August facing off against Killian. Love him or hate him, August has always been a force in Emma’s life. He’s her friend, and I see him like a big brother figure to her. That’s why it pissed me off that he wasn’t in season five during the Dark Swan arc. He would have been the first one trying to save her. August was also a big part of Neal’s life as well. With Killian’s history with Neal as Baelfire, August would have insight on Neal that Killian might not know.

(Here’s where I whisper that I’m a Neal/August shipper, thank you very much.)

What I’ve always wanted to see was August have a conversation with Killian. Not just some little chat, but I want August to give Killian “the shovel talk.” That means he pretty much goes, “If you hurt my sister figure, I’m going to kill you and bury you where no one will ever find you.” August is the closest thing to Emma having a sibling, since Baby Charming is too young to care who she dates. This could also set up a situation where Killian flat out dislikes August. He could misinterpret August’s intentions and think the guy is in love with Emma. This could be a fun mishap that wouldn’t be the stupid Killian-Emma-Neal love triangle in season three. August and Emma love each other, but it’s in a sibling-friend way. Killian and August are both similar character types as well. They both have unsavory pasts, have done some mighty shady things, and have worked to redeem themselves for loved ones. If August and Killian are forced to work together, I think both characters could find common ground for Emma. August could also help Killian if he has any leftover mourning for Neal.

…Is it too early to ship August/Killian?

I hope with August’s return, we’ll get to see new challenges for Captain Swan. They need some real world problems to balance the crazy, magical world of Storybrooke.

Now if we can ever get the story behind why August was at Jefferson’s house in a never-on-DVD season one deleted scene, I’ll be absolutely ecstatic:


Source ET Online

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