Steven Universe News from New York Comic Con 2016

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While I’ve yet to see an official news source write up about the Steven Universe panel at New York Comic Con, many attendees have posted news and spoilers on Tumblr and other sites. I’m going to round up what I’ve seen so far, but take some of it with a grain of salt. Even though it came from show creator, Rebecca Sugar, I just wanted to let you know that what I’m about to post may or may not be official.


  • Before the convention, the Parent Herald posted an article addressing some of the cancellation rumors as well as season five news. Sugar mentioned the possibility of Steven being older when the show returns. She also said there are big plans for season five and did not confirm whether or not Steven Universe will end after that.
  • Su-a-and-a and Overlyanimatedpodcast from Tumblr posted a round up of the NYCC panel. Some of these include that “Gem Harvest” is the next episode returning in November, it will be a 30-minute special, Greg will have a new song called “Ready for This” from an upcoming episode called “Three Gems and a Baby,” it must be noted in the video that Sugar named the song “I Could Never be Ready,” there’s a new character named Pumpkin Dog, and Sugar wants to write for stage once Steven Universe is complete.
  • Cartoon Network’s Tumblr posted an extended clip from “Gem Harvest”
  • Polygon released an excellent article with Sugar talking about her own journey and some of the hurdles she had to jump at Cartoon Network to get Steven Universe made. While I suggest reading the entire article (because it’s fantastic), some of the highlights were:

    “There’s always a back and forth,” Sugar said. “There have been fights. I try to be very emphatic about what I wanna do, and why I wanna do it, and I’ve been very lucky.”

    “When I was younger, I was very confused by a lot of my own feelings, and there weren’t necessarily people who could tell me what was going on,” said Sugar, who came out as bisexual earlier this year, during Steven Universe’s San Diego Comic-Con panel. “I think I sort of escaped into cartoons, but I certainly never saw that reflection [of myself] in a way that was helpful to me, or in a way that was something that made sense.”

    “It’s normalizing these kinds of relationships, and I feel like these themes, I can actually use the show as a tool to teach [my son] about puberty and healthy relationships and toxic relationships,” said Jennifer Paz, who voices Steven’s lovesick guardian Pearl. “It’s a kids’ cartoon, but they’re tackling a lot of adult themes.

    “It’s a very diverse show behind the scenes, and because of that, it’s attracting a very diverse audience.”
    “I think that the reason behind these very gendered cartoons isn’t necessarily that kids are demanding them, although that’s the idea, that this is what kids want,” Sugar said. “Companies want to understand what they’re marketing and who they’re marketing to. It’s money that wants this, not people.”


    Steven Universe will return in the fall to Cartoon Network.


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