Doctor Who’s “Class” is in Session with Two Trailers!

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Coal Hill Academy is back in session!

The fictional London school which made it’s debut in the first episode of Doctor Who is back. They dropped TWO trailers at New York Comic Con. Class is a new spinoff joining the ranks of other Who shows like Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Debuting in the spring with season ten of Doctor Who, this will be an eight-part miniseries with new television screenwriter Patrick Ness. He’s a Young Adult writer best known for A Monster Calls. Brian Minchin is the executive producer for the show.

When the present-day school comes under attack, as happens in such dramas, a quartet of the Academy’s misfits band together against the incursion – with mixed results.

Asked if various villains and monsters from Doctor Who would be appearing in Class, Ness got a big laugh when he said he thought “cameos are like penises: When they are in a scene, they are all you look at.”

Oh, and the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will be in episode one.

Below is the teaser and the full trailer. Both have very different footage.


Source Deadline

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