Two Characters Return to Once Upon A Time! One is Surprising!

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Mama Charming!

TV Line reported a few days ago that Gabrielle Rose who plays Ruth Nolan, David’s mother, will be reprising the role in episode seven flashback of this season:

As Josh Dallas told us at Comic-Con, with the introduction of the purely Evil Queen, who possesses all of Regina’s past memories, David will come to discover “some things that he thought were truths in his life … maybe weren’t so true.”

She was last seen back in the Frozen arc of season four.

I always love Ruth, but there’s someone else I would rather see. I think it’s time that David’s father came onto the scene. They missed a golden opportunity to have Daddy Charming in the Underworld. In the Frozen arc, David told Anna his father had guilt over giving his brother James away. Daddy Charming drank himself to death from it. If that’s not unfinished business in the Underworld, I don’t know what is.

Robin Hood May or May Not be Back?

EW dropped the exclusive story that Sean Maguire will somehow be returning as Robin Hood this season after the character’s tragic death. What we don’t know is how. It could be flashbacks or something entirely new. After the season six premier, Henry planted hope into Regina that Robin’s soul wasn’t entirely obliterated and that Hades, being a villain, lied about it.

“We’re thrilled to have Sean back for this story arc and are excited for the audience to see what we have planned, which in the wake of his character’s heartbreaking demise, is something we hope is unexpected and surprising,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tell EW.

I’ve seen two reactions to this news from fans. Outlaw Queen fans are rejoicing, while others, like my lovely editors here at What the Fangirl, argue that the “dead is dead” argument is, in fact, dead. Over on their Once podcast twitter, they wrote:


With much respect to my editors, I both agree and disagree with them. I’ve always been a sucker for Robin Hood like characters (like my never ending love of the Avenger Hawkeye). I agree when Mr. Maguire told The Hollywood Reporter, “I felt like it was an abrupt end; I didn’t feel the character had any development this year and wasn’t really written for.” Robin’s writing was little to none in season five like they did to many series regulars before him (see Will Scarlet). I’m happy to have the possibility for something more with Mr. Maguire  and Robin.

At the same time, “dead is dead” means nothing anymore unless your name is Neal Cassidy. I’ve reached the point that Once Upon A Time has become my favorite soap opera complete with the tropes of weird pregnancies, evil twins, rape, and now people back from the dead like Hook. It’s always surprising to me that adult shows have so much difficulty following their own rules and canon. Other shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are strict to build their characters in the world they have created. Alex Hirsch said on the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast that when you make rules, you have to follow them in your world. So when Mabel got a pig in Gravity Falls, that pig wasn’t going to suddenly vanish the next week. The pig was always going to be there in some way. Steven Universe brought back an episode one character almost a hundred episodes later and stayed in their canon. It’s so mind blowing to me why adults shows can’t grasp this. Maybe that’s why these “kids” shows have been Emmy nominated for their stories while Once has only been nominated for it’s costumes.

Either way, I’m excited to see what they do when Robin returns.


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