Other Side of the Mirror #121 – Another Brick in the Wall, Reaction to The Savior

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We took a one-week break from our Live Reaction Recaps to talk about The Savior, the premiere episode of Season 6 of Once Upon a Time:

This Week in Monotony: Belle & Rumple are stuck in the same story.

This Week in Monotony Part II: Emma & Hook are stuck in the same story.

This Week in Walls: Eddie and Adam are obsessed with Emma Swan’s “walls” and it’s literally destroying the character.

This Week in Something They Did Fairly Well: Zelena, Regina and Henry process the fallout from the death of Robin and Outlaw Queen.

This Week in Unsolicited Advice: Alex advises Hook to dump Emma, while Bri suggests Emma go an Eat, Pray, Love adventure.

This Week in Revisiting the Past: We feel like giving the show more credit for Ruby Slippers, given TV’s really low LGBT bar.


The episode’s feedback is from Rachel, Andrea and Jess!

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