ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Lady Gaga and Kathy Bates Roast a Man on a Spit

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A quick spoilery roundup and open thread for Wednesday, September 21. 


If you were waiting for AHS to get Crazy on You, it’s halfway there. In Thursday’s episode, Shelby hit Kathy Bates (dressed in colonial garb) with her car. Shelby follows Bates into the woods, where she comes upon a campfire where Lady Gaga is making s’mores while they roast a guy wearing a pig head on the spit. Shelby heads for home, where she informs Matt that she won’t be driven out of their house by last week’s Duck Dynasty reenactors or this week’s backwoods man-roasting cult members. Really, Shelby? I’d be well across the Canadian border by now.


Back at the house, two ghost nurses kill a patient. Matt and Shelby discover the house used to be an assisted living facility where young nurses killed patients in order to spell their names in blood on the wall. Meanwhile, Lee brings her 8-year old (Flora) to the haunted house because what kid doesn’t love a ghost-and-pig party, amiright? Predictably, this doesn’t end well. Flora winds up missing by the end of the episode. We’re still waiting for the major reveal in the docu-drama storytelling device. But since the real Lee flips her lid during her interview, the fourth-wall breaking twist could happen in episode 3.


Welp, Rhonda is the one who took the nosedive off the balcony! That left Anika to go into labor, which resulted in a horrifying scene where Lucious makes threats to the mother of his child while she is in labor. Then he’s hella mad the baby is a girl, since he only has 3 sons he hates. Yeah….no. This entire show has gone off the rails, since it features his three adult children and ex-wife constantly protecting Lucious. This is not the first time a TV show asked you to half-root for an evil misogynistic person, and it won’t be the last. But there’s a very fine line to walk here and in my opinion Ilene Chaiken fell off the line just as hard as Rhonda taking a header off that balcony.


There’s a new show runner and EP at Law & Order: SVU. A show as old as SVU needs refreshed every few years. The opener of its umpteenth premiere finds a boy about to shoot Benson. Just as I was about to turn to Bri and say “at least Olivia and Elliot aren’t fighting terrorism again,” the show veered into Benson vs. Terrorism. There’s also a plot about a company that is totally not Apple refusing to unlock the terrorist’s cell phone. Also Benson is dating some guy named Tucker and I can’t quite believe this is the same character that had the hots for Alex Cabot! (Oh come on, you know I’m right.)


What did you think about last night? And what’d we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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