Turner Scores All the Star Wars Movies Including Episodes VIII, IX, and Rogue One

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Chewie… We’re home…

…on TNT.

The Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Fox made a surprise deal for TNT and TBS to air all eleven Star Wars movies on basic cable and on-demand for streaming. This includes the still to come Rogue One, Episode VIII, and Episode IX. They will be airing the network television premiers of the new films. TV Line reports:

TNT will mark the milestone arrangement by airing the first two trilogies over six consecutive nights, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c, with The Phantom Menace, and wrapping Sunday, Sept. 25 with Return of the Jedi and a big ol’ Endor hootenanny.

The Force Awakens (which made its premium cable debut Sept. 10 on Starz) will land on TNT in early 2018, followed in 2019 by Rogue One.

I love that that Star Wars is returning to TNT, since the network aired the rebroadcasting of Star Wars: The Clone Wars when it was on. Counting up the movies, there are ten films between the two Original Trilogies, Rogue One, and Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. The eleventh movie must be referring to the still to come Han Solo film.

I wish that the Clone Wars movie was part of this deal. It had a theatrical release that is often forgotten about. Still, this is exciting news to look forward to.


Source TV Line

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