Brett Butler in Mystery Role for HTGAWM (By the Way, Grace Under Fire Totally Holds Up)

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Brett Butler will appear in How to Get Away With Murder‘s third season in a mystery role. This is great news for a funny lady who seems to have been forgotten by a lot of people who frequently write about women in comedy as if it’s some kind of recent phenomenon.

Earlier this summer we caught a few reruns of Grace Under Fire, which is playing late nights on some random station we pull in with the antenna. (Edited by Bri – Alex, this makes us sound old!) Not all programs from yesteryear hold up; in fact, outdated and lame seems to be the rule. But Grace Under Fire is still funny and biting. It made us laugh. The show also featured some still necessary and still not outdated commentary on things like domestic violence.

It’s also a good reminder that today’s envelope-pushing TV isn’t acing every category. Where are the comedies involving folks who aren’t as wealthy as those on Modern Family? We all laughed at the giant apartments featured on Friends, but today pretty people who mysteriously don’t explain how they afford lavish lifestyles are the norm in almost every sitcom.

It wasn’t always this way. Remember All in the Family? The Honeymooners? Roseanne? Grace Under Fire? These characters, like many actual living people, were struggling to make ends meet. NBC, which may have started the trend of good looking people living in J Crew catalogues, should be praised for giving The Carmichaels and Superstore a shot at connecting with viewers. Both of those shows are funny, topical and have characters dealing with money stuff. Such is life, so mine it, writers!

Brett Butler has always been funny. There’s no sign her writing chops have diminished, but there have not been many opportunities thrown her way in recent years. With more outlets for content, hopefully we will continue to see more special talents in revival-mode. (Winona Ryder, Maria Bamford, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are all getting the Netflix treatment and it looks great on them).

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