The Women of Suicide Squad: Katana

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This is a miniseries that focuses on the ladies of the Suicide Squad movie, due to be released in theaters August 5, 2016.

Who Is Katana?

Katana first appeared July 1983 in The Brave and the Bold #200. She later had a solo run as part of the New 52Suicide-Squad-Katana-poster

Katana’s backstory is full of heartbreak and tragedy. As a child, Tatsu Yamashiro was encouraged to
learn martial arts by her parents, which she eventually became an expert at. As she got older, two brothers, Takeo and Maseo Yamashiro both proclaimed their love for her. She chose Maseo, which made Takeo angry. He refused to attend their wedding, and Maseo disowned him once he joined the Yakuza.

While Maseo and Tatsu mourned the deaths of Tatsu’s parents, they decided to have a family, with Tatsu eventually giving birth to twins, Yuki and Reiko. While Takeo rose in the ranks of the Yakuza, Tatsu and Maseo raised their family.

Eventually Takeo received two matching swords as a gift, one of which had mystical properties. He took both swords to the home of Maseo and Tatsu, challenging him to a duel in which the winner would receive Tatsu as a prize. During the duel, a fire was started and Maseo became distracted trying to save his children. Takeo took the opportunity to strike, killing his brother with the sword that would eventually be called “Soultaker.”

Tatsu watched her husband die and engaged Takeo, eventually disarming him. She tried to save her children, but her husband’s voice, calling to her from the sword, told her they were already lost and to save herself.

She escaped and began training as a samurai, moving to the US with the intention to use her talents to fight for justice with the sword that was possessed by her husband’s soul.

Katana became a part of The Outsiders, where she teamed up with a young girl named Halo to rescue Black Lightning (who had been implicated in a crime Katana had committed), Batman, and Lucius Fox from Baron Bedlam. Batman was inspired by their teamwork and formed The Outsiders, which consisted of Black Lightning, Katana, Halo, and Geo-Force.

She also joined the Birds of Prey, in place of Batgirl in the New 52, alongside Black Canary and Starling.

Like Enchantress, there is very little to see of Katana in the trailers. What we do see, though, shows Katana slicing and dicing and being awesome. I love that the trailer focuses on her talents, and it seems as though the movie will shy away from any sort of love story involving her.

Katana_(Modern_Version)Her costume is pretty close to what she wears in the New 52, which is a black catsuit-type outfit with her signature mask. If anything, I prefer the movie costume better, as I feel it looks a little more “real.”

She is pictured many times in the group shots of the Suicide Squad, which likely proves that she’ll be a valuable member of the team. It is important to note, thoug
h, that we don’t see her in any of the prison scenes, so it’s likely that she will be asked to help the Suicide Squad, but isn’t necessarily one of the “bad guys.” We will definitely see Soultaker in the movie, and it looks like we will also see her talking to her husband’s soul in the movie, as a clip of her seemingly possessed is in the trailer.Katana

I think Katana will add an interesting dynamic to the movie, as she will be the “good guy” on the team, keeping them in check, but it looks like she won’t shy away from the fun, either. Still, I’m excited to see Katana fighting on the big screen, and really look forward to seeing another female hero.

Karen Fukuhara will portray Katana in Suicide Squad.

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