The Wonder Woman Trailer was Awesome. Surrender Internet, Admit You Were Wrong!

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Bri and Alex here.

Holy. Crap. That trailer for Wonder Woman just left us all breathless.

Remember all the carping and bitching and whining about the Wonder Woman movie before it was even written? I’m talking about the complaints about the casting of Gal Gadot, the departure of the original director, the rumor that it might be centered on “bad” romance, the costume, the staged Entertainment Weekly “first look” photo, the existence of Zach Snyder, the World War I setting and the shoes?

Here are some things we liked about the first trailer, that just dropped at San Diego Comic Con.

Alex: Warrior. This version of Wonder Woman is warrior with a royal lineage. Gal Gadot manages to infuse the character with dangerousness that goes way beyond the sexy-badass female characters that keep popping up in Marvel properties. She is different; she is of Zeus.

Bri: Neat. “Well that’s neat,” Chris Pine deadpans when he learns Wonder Woman has no father since she was brought to life by Zues. We see very little romance here in the trailer, and what’s there isn’t her reason for existing. He seemed awed by her, and the emphasis is on the fact she’s on a warrior. Also? “No, you don’t get to tell me what to do.”

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Alex: Battle Scenes. OMG, yes! Patty Jenkins made one amazing movie that won Charlize Theron an Oscar and then was shut out of a Hollywood system that is rigged against female directors. Kudos to Warner and DC for not only giving Jenkins a movie to direct, but arming her with a huge budget. These battle scenes should put to rest any notion that a girl can’t direct a movie on an epic scale.

Alex: The Shoes. Yes I like the shoes. So sue me.

Bri: The Cinematography. We questioned if the color palette was going to take on the same washed-out look of other comic book movies, but this one has vibrant colors featuring World War I, and yet manages to have the gritty darker colors and realism for the battle scenes. There’s drab imagery, but then her outfit is just bursting into color.

Bri: The Music. The soundtrack is epic. Hans Zimmer already did his bit with the Wonder Woman theme in Batman vs. Superman, but this new trailer is amazing.

Bri: It’s good to see Wonder Woman as more than “sexy badass,” and just…badass. The poster itself echoes this! How refreshing to not see a poster say something about “kicking ass in heels” but instead speak attributes anyone would love to have. Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder. Headlines screamed that Wonder Woman stole the show in Batman vs. Superman, and perhaps, she just stole SDCC.

Can this set the tone for other comic book heroine movies now? Please?

Trailer below. Let us know what you think in the headlines!

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