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The Women of Suicide Squad: Enchantress

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This is a miniseries that focuses on the ladies of the Suicide Squad movie, due to be released in theaters August 5, 2016.

With all the buzz about superhero movies and TV shows, its hard to believe that there can be a blockbuster movie about superheros that features relatively unknown characters. Suicide Squad is the superhero movie that is getting me interested in watching them again, and it’s due at least in part to the fact that the cast is pretty diverse for a blockbuster these days. Counting Harley, there are a total of four (!) female characters. That’s pretty amazing considering it only took three Avengers movies to get two full-time female superhero members of The Avengers.

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Who is Enchantress?suicide_squad_enchantress

Enchantress first appeared in April 1966 in DC’s sci-fi anthology title, Strange Adventures #187. She later re-appeared in Supergirl tales as a misunderstood villain who only wanted to gain omnipotent powers, and since then has had minor stints in Green Lantern and Shazam! and most recently, was part of the DC reboot The New 52 where she was the Justice League Dark’s first antagonist.

Her backstory is pretty simple. June Moone is at a costume party where she stumbles upon a secret chamber that houses a magical being who empowers her to help fight an evil presence. She’s a sorceress, and can manipulate non-living objects, teleport, walk through walls, and has even been known to have healing powers. She has also been seen remotely accessing another magic user’s power in the comics, which she did to channel the powers of all the magical beings in order to help Captain Marvel in his battle with the Spectre.  At some point, she was asked to join the Suicide Squad, then known as Task Force X, on the terms that she keep her villainous ways in check. June’s control over her other half eventually grew weaker, and she was told it’s because she tried to use magic before she could control it. She is given a necklace that she cannot remove that, together with a ring belonging to someone else, creates a feedback loop which prevents her from using her magic for evil (temporarily). She eventually learns that the Enchantress is a separate evil entity from another dimension that fused with her, and is not simply a manifestation of her magical powers.


Her costume in the film is a definite break away from her comic persona.

In the comics, she wears a velvety-green number that makes her look like a regal queen, much like Regina from Once Upon A Time. From what we’ve seen in the promotional material for the film, however, they definitely took a major leap to the side for her costume. The movie costume is very strappy  and chain-y and there’s really not a lot of material there at all. They’ve also made her appear much darker, in an evil, demon-witch sort of way. I dig the darker feel to her character, but I’m not sure about her costume. I feel like they could have at least given her more clothes to wear, but I’ll have to see how her costume looks on-screen to be sure.


Looking very Disney-villain in the comics

What is her purpose in the movie though? The truth is, we don’t really know.

The trailers for Suicide Squad leave a lot to be desired when it comes to Enchantress and her role in the movie. We can see June Moone being possessed, we can see her as the Enchantress, and we can see some damage that looks to be caused by magical abilities. For the most part, though, her character seems like a mystery. Rick Flagg mentions her when seemingly recruiting members for the Suicide Squad, describing her abilities as “possessed by a witch,” but there are no full group shots featuring her. It seems as though they’re promoting her as part of the group, but I’d bet that, while the Joker is obviously the main antagonist, she’ll play some part as a mini-villain or turncoat at the very least, and that helps explain the mystery surrounding her character.


Sitting in some black sludge. That’s gotta be bad for her pores.

The trailers support her being a villain as there’s a few frames in the trailer where we see her standing in the White House in a conference room saying “Let’s have some fun,” and I bet we’ll be surprised at her prowess as a villain. I’m really hoping we get to see her as a villain in the movie, because I think she would be an awesome one. Not to mention, she’d be the first female villain portrayed on the big screen in superhero movies.

Overall, while I’m pretty excited to see her in Suicide Squad, I’m a little bummed out at her costume. I’m trying to reserve judgement on that, though, until I see it on the big screen. I’m excited to see her abilities on-screen as well as the direction they take this relatively minor character in the DC Universe in order to make her more interesting.

Cara Delevigne will portray the Enchantress in Suicide Squad.

Up next: Katana

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