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After a long day at work, sometimes I don’t want to come home and watch a drama filled show. Angst and strife make for great television, just not after getting yelled at by customers all day, beating my body up with shipment, and then working at night for What the Fangirl. Sometimes I just want a show I don’t have to think about. I want a show that in twenty-two minutes all the problems will be solved for a happy ending. I want something that taps into my love of nerd culture, uses real world political examples, and has strong female characters. I want a show that’s been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards while being bright and fun.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic completes all of those requirements.

What-The-Fangirl-Top-15-MLP-Songs-2Okay, I can hear some people scoffing through the internet, but let me explain. I used to be one of you. When I heard that many of my friends in their 20’s and 30’s without children were getting into this show, I was confused. I never grew up on the old MLP shows. I could understand if you were a fan of the earlier generations watching the current run with your kids. But many of my friends are either single or newly married with no children. What could possibly draw them to MLP of all things?

I’m normally not one to scoff at kids shows either. I have a huge love of Star Wars: The Clone Wars which got me into the Star Wars fandom. Hell, I even have a podcast for it! After being a nanny for three years, I came to appreciate the progressive storytelling of shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. These cartoons introduce themes like LGBT topics, war, genocide, and horror stories in a positive light redefining what children’s television is. My Little Pony helped set the stage for these series.

When I finally decided I wanted to give this show a try, I went into it with an open mind. What I found was a show about six very different women putting aside their differences to save the world. It stars a scholar, a party planner, a fashion designer, a farmer, an athlete, and a veterinarian. Each of them have their strong points and their faults. Their jobs help them excel in challenges where another might not have the experience. Together, they save the world multiple times. MLP shows that these ladies support one another without the guidance of a guy telling them what to do. Even the sovereign leaders of this world are all powerful women. It’s incredibly inspiring.

What-The-Fangirl-Top-15-MLP-Songs-Harry-PotterAnd Lord, this show is filled with nerd jokes. The creators embraced fans as they fueled love for one pony that bore a resemblance for David Tennant. Now we have the time loving pony, Dr. Whooves, who played with many Doctor Who references in the 100th episode. Show developer Lauren Faust loves the movie The Big Lebowski and also gave the characters a minor role in the 100th. There have been pony cameos for Pulp Fiction, BBC Sherlock, and Twilight Sparkle even has a Terminator 2 like episode with touches of Metal Gear Solid moments. You can also bet that every episode with the villain turned anti-hero Discord will be packed full of pop culture references. They even had a Back to the Future like story where Twilight kept traveling back in time to stop a villain. Every time she returned to the future, she saw their present was full of war, villains, and destruction until nothing but an apocalyptic wasteland was all that was left. That’s just a handful of examples with many more being discovered in every new episode.

What I wanted to focus on today is one of the best elements of My Little Pony:

The music!

What-The-Fangirl-Top-15-MLP-Songs-3Every season has a plethora of songs written into the fabric of the story. In over 100 episodes, My Little Pony has given us some unforgettable musical numbers. Some of the episodes are even full operas like in the “Magical Mystery  Cure.” These songs are upbeat, catchy, fun, and positive. Some have full Broadway like productions. Many of them would give Disney a run for their money.

My rules for this countdown are songs that best capture the tone, best use of vocals, music, how they push the plot of the episode, or simply personal favorites. Songs not on this countdown with the exception of one are throwaway songs. This means they’re less than a minute. The only reason that “Morning in Ponyville” is an exception is because with the reprise it’s over a minute in time.

Here are my top fifteen favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic songs!

This list was chosen from the first episode to “Spice Up Your Life.”

15. “It’s Gonna Work” from Spice Up Your Life

A lot of the time, MLP will pick a genre for their music. “It’s Gonna Work” is a full Bollywood number! It’s upbeat, catchy, and got stuck in my heads days after the episode aired. It’s rare for Rarity and Pinkie Pie to have duets together. Andrea Libman and Tabitha St. Germain absolutely shine.

I also love the opposite views our ladies have in this song. It sets up a conflict in the episode. Both women want the best for the father-daughter restaurant owners, but both are working against each other. My only real criticism is that it’s a bit repetitive and a touch too long. Other than that, this was a great piece from the new season.

14. “The Goof Off” from Pinkie Pride

While Pinkie Pie is my least favorite of the Mane 6, I tend to love her central episodes. We get to see more than the comedic relief party planner as they flesh out her character. This is why the episode “Pinkie Pride” is one of my favorites. She gets a rivalry with fellow party pony Cheese Sandwich (voiced by Weird Al Yankovic) making her doubt her abilities. The entire episode is filled with fantastic songs which is why so many of them are on this list.

For the moment, I’m going to focus on “The Goof Off.” Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich are having a silly rap battle of who can be the goofiest. The winner gets to host a party for Rainbow Dash. Complete with Polka music, Weird Al owns the role in a style that he’s known for. The music shifts to fit Pinkie’s sweeter side. There’s also great visual gags as their pets are brought into a dance off. But as the battle intensifies, the music and lyrics become more hectic and frenzied until Pinkie realizes she’s hurting Rainbow.

13. “Pinkie’s Lament” from Pinkie Pride

If this was Frozen, this is Pinkie’s version of “Let it Go.” She’s down on herself realizing that Cheese Sandwich is winning people over. The music starts morose as she gives up her way of life. They tend to give Pinkie more pop songs with techno music, so it’s great to hear her sing a ballad. As Pinkie realizes she loves making people smile, like Elsa explored her own powers, there’s a tone shift. It’s more uplifting as she stares over Ponyville from her balcony just like Elsa. The end of the song is my favorite part. Pinkie realizes there’s still fight in her. She doesn’t have to change. She just needs to fight her her place in town.

12. “Find a Pet” from May the Best Pet Win

This song is all about tone. While the lyrics aren’t the best in the world, the tone of the music is fantastic. You don’t even need the words to get the point across. As Fluttershy sings, the music is lovely and bright. This opposes Rainbow Dash’s cynicism which is a heavier tone. As we build towards the end, the ladies two music styles blend for a huge ending.  They crank up that full orchestra as they realize Rainbow will need a competition to choose her pet. It’s one of the better songs that portrays the mood of the episode with or without lyrics.

11. “The Pony I Want to Be” with Reprise from Crusaders of the Lost Mark

While it’s a bit too chocked full of puns, Chantal Strand absolutely kills it in these two songs. I love the rich soul in her voice as she sings both the ballad and the reprise. It’s a great song for Diamond Tiara as a character. It’s the first time we truly see her inner feelings as she struggles with her smothering parents. This is one of the few episodes about how to deal with emotional abusive adults (as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting their cutie marks). In the Reprise, Diamond is able to discover her true nature. She doesn’t have to follow in her parents’ footsteps and can forge her own path. Separate, the songs aren’t the strongest, but together, they’re powerhouses that have a great balance.

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