5 People Who Should Be on Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Comedy fans rejoice! Larry David and HBO have announced that season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is officially ON.

While HBO left the door open for Larry in the event he was feeling inspired, most people thought we would never see another season of the show. I think it’s fair to assume that all changed because of season 41 of Saturday Night Live, where David made a triumphant return to a show he was basically fired from back in the day.

David slayed as Bernie Sanders and then stuck around to host SNL. He also agreed to appear on NBC’s new variety hour, Maya and Marty, where he was interviewed by Martin Short‘s famously obtuse Jiminy Glick. It’s pretty obvious that David likes playing with the new comedy kids, and as a result he has some ideas about where to take Larry’s world in season 9.

No details about the season have been released yet, so we’ll make some suggestions of our own about who we would love to watch improv with Larry.

5. Leslie Jones


Leslie Jones is hilarious. She’s also a classic Larry David foil in the vein of Suzy Essman and JB Smoove. Check out this amazing mashup of the Bernie Sanders campaign and Curb Your Enthusiasm, which features Bernie being undone by his run-ins with Aidy Bryant and Leslie Jones:

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