ABOUT LAST NIGHT: The Flash Breaks Our Hearts, AoS Kills Its Version of Once Upon a Time’s Robin Hood and Weatherly Becomes Dr. Phil

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A quick SPOILERY roundup for Tuesday, May 17. What did you think about last night? And what’d we miss? Let us know in the comments!



Everything was going great for Barry Allen last night and the Universe was on his side: Barry and Iris are officially a thing. The Earth 2 bad guys get rounded up and penned in the Pipeline. (Oh and Earth 2’s Laurel Lance arrives with a much better costume for Black Siren!) But turns out the Universe – in this case Zoom – has other plans. Zoom kills Henry Allen in the same bedroom where Barry watched his mother die. Barry goes after Zoom, exposing his identity to Wally, which sets up a complicated finale to season 2 next week. For a TV death to mean something, it has to hurt. For a villain to be a villain, he has to be evil. The show certainly got that much right.



Well, after endless weeks of teasing the world with WHO WILL DIE anvils of doom, Agents of Shield finally offed a few people. Lincoln saved Daisy‘s life by shoving her out of an airplane and then riding that rocket into outer space, with Hive in tow, where the two probably died for good. A six-months-later time jump revealed that Daisy and her considerable powers were on their own and S.H.I.E.L.D. has a new director but we don’t know who it is – let the speculation commence!

Did Lincoln live up to The Flash‘s standards of a death that really hurts? Is Lincoln the Robin Hood of Agents of Shield (brought on as a love interest 18 months ago, earnestly devoted to his lady, hovering in the background with mediocre character development until they finally made him interesting enough to kill? Oncers you know I’m right). And did the breathless discussion of snorkeling between Fitz and Simmons make you swoon or just make you nauseous?



Michael Weatherly left NCIS last night and will now board the CBS pilot “The Bull” which is based on the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw. “His character is described as having a physicality and feral intelligence that make him magnetic to women and a bruising candor,” reports Variety. Well, I see why a group of CBS executives are drawn to this story, do you? Does this also represent McGraw’s opinion of himself? I think we all know the answer to that one.

UPDATED TO ADD: How did they write Tony off? By killing his old love interest Ziva, who had left the show back in 2013. Ziva, who was portrayed by Cote de Pablo, just said last month she would not return to the show if asked back  “Until someone can really write something fantastic for [Ziva], I won’t go back.” HA! said NCIS show runners – she can’t come back now since we killed her off screen! Kaboom! And not only that but turns out she had a secret baby girl who she kept secret from Tony, so he rides off into the sunset as a single dad. Why couldn’t Tony just get killed, or have a happy ending with Ziva? I don’t know, ask CBS.


MTV’s Faking It had its series finale, marking an end to a show with more shipper names than we can even keep track of. Were you happy with how it ended?

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