We Actually Made the Burgers from the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook and This is Our Review

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Bob’s Burgers used to be one of those shows Bri watched alone. Then I finally got sucked in by its great puns and generally hilarious antics. There are several running gags that are rich with puns. A pest control truck pulls up in front the restaurant with a different name every time – Hit the Rodent Jack, The Miceman Cometh, Anty Maim Pest Control. The store next door changes too – Lady and the Clamp (Hardware for Her), A Site for Sore Thighs Massage Parlor and The Seven Year Itch Couples Dermatology are a few of this season’s neighbors.


The recurring in-show gag is the Burger of the Day chalkboard menu, which features daring hamburgers dreamed up by Bob or his daughter Louise. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Bob’s Burgers has wondered what these might actually taste like. One fan, Cole Bowden, took it to the next level by starting a blog chronicling his Bob’s Burger-inspired kitchen experiments. The producers of Bob’s Burgers contacted him to create a cookbook with over 70 recipes based on burgers from the show.

Bri pre-ordered the cookbook and so far I’ve made four of the burgers. I’ve linked the recipes so you can try them for yourself.


You associate sauerkraut with hotdogs… but don’t panic! The recipe begins with you slowly caramelizing a sweet Vidalia onion. Then you dump a can of Bavarian kraut in the mix. (Do not be alarmed, Bavarian kraut is sweeter and milder than its cousin!) Cook your burger as you do, then top with swiss cheese. Top the burger with the kraut/onion mix. Add mustard if you know what’s good for you, and be prepared for a delicious flavor combo.


The theme here is French – you begin by creating A Jus with a packet of a packet of A Jus gravy and a bit of water. Heat that up on the stove while you caramelize a big yellow onion. Take hamburger buns and lightly baste them in the A Jus and throw them in the oven for a light toasting. Mix the French onion soup mix into the beef patties. Cook the burgers and then pile them with shredded Gruyere cheese. And build your burger – lightly toasted flavor-bomb of a bun, burger with melted cheese, onions and and baby Gerkins on the burger or on the side. (The baby Gerkins were Bri’s favorite part of this one because the sweet balances the Gruyere.)


Create a sauce with Greek yogurt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and maple syrup, then refrigerate. Caramelize yellow onion slices. Mix a half cup of red onion and a cup of green apple directly into your meat. Mix it really well and then cook your burger. Build it with a bun, burger, onions, two apple slices, creamy yogurt spread, and top bun. The sauce is awesome and holds the entire thing together. (If you aren’t using Greek yogurt as a substitute for anything requiring sour cream, it’s time to start. I recommend Fage 2% or 0%.) The flavor profile is excellent.



Let me get this out of the way first: I know there are a lot of people who still hate this scourge of childhood, Brussels sprouts. I respectfully suggest that’s because no one has cooked you a properly roasted plate of sprouts! Brussels sprouts should not be drowned in butter and/or boiled until they are chewy. No! You need to roast them to bring out their amazing flavors, not to mention their incredible benefits for your health. That’s why in our household, we are obsessed with them.

THIS. BURGER. IS. EVERYTHING. It required us to let go of our bacon-avoidance policy and just fry up a half-pound of bacon, then use that bacon fat to cook the thinly sliced Brussels sprouts. Once the sprouts are starting to brown, you toss in some pistachios (because the best compliments to Brussels sprouts are nuts and berries. I’m serious. Look it up.) Cook your burger. Build it with bottom bun, burger, bacon, a smidgen of sour cream, top bun. As Emeril Lagasse would say, “bang!” You will fall in love.

RATING: 10 Stars

I cook everyday and I love this book. If you don’t cook much, you will also love this book. It has some really easy tips for novice cooks that make food fun and simple. The illustrations are amusing and every recipe includes a joke or two. However, the book never loses sight of the fact that it is a cookbook, so it strikes just the right balance between humor and cookbook. Most of these can easily be changed to turkey or bean burgers for better health. We tend to use the leanest meat we can find and it worked well on all four recipes.

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