This is How Ryan Murphy Keeps Getting Us to Watch His Shows

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Have you ever found yourself watching a Ryan Murphy show (Popular, Glee, Nip/Tuck, Scream Queens, American Horror Story) and then turning the TV off with a flourish and screaming “never again”? I have, and about 50 percent of the time I wind up caving and watching his next project.

This is why: Murphy is producing an anthology called Feuds which will kick of with a series about the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Jessica Lange will star as Crawford and Susan Sarandon will play Davis. The series will focus on the incredible feud that went on during the making of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, where the two actresses tortured and bullied each other during production.

Damn it to hell. Now I have to watch it. This is just a brief sample of all the trash these two talked about each other:

Bette on Joan: “I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.”

Joan on Bette: “Poor Bette, she looks like she’s never had a happy day, or night, in her life.”

Bette on Joan: “She slept with every male star at MGM, except Lassie.”

Joan on Bette and “The Star”: “Of course I had heard she was supposed to be playing me, but I didn’t believe it. Did you see the picture? Bette looked so old, and so dreadfully overweight.”

Bette on Joan: “The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

The anthology will focus on the filming of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, a movie about two aging film stars living together in desperation in an old mansion. It features fighting, vamping, people getting thrown down stairs and plenty of opportunities for over-the-top camp.

In other words, this series will be like Dynasty. But on speed.


So OF COURSE I will watch. This is how Murphy sets his trap.

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