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Comic Review: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1

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This review contains spoilers for Gwenpool #1.

I’ll admit that I went into Gwenpool #1 with a closed mind. I’m not a big Deadpool fan unless he’s in team ups (Hawkeye vs Deadpool is AMAZING). The recent Spider-Gwen trend bores me. I’ve tried multiple times to read her first and second run. She doesn’t do it for me at all. I audibly groaned when I saw Gwenpool in Previews several months ago.

Though, I am a fan of Girihiru’s art from the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics. I also try to read all of the first issues that I can. So, I wanted to begrudgingly give Gwenpool a try.

I’m so glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised by it! Unlike Deadpool, Gwenpool doesn’t have super powers. She can’t heal herself if she gets shot, stabbed, blown up, etc. Her “power” instead is her mind. No, she’s not super smart. She drawls from reference from her home universe. For example, she recognizes the Sentinels attacking the X-Men Academy move the same way as an X-Men video game she used to play. Gwen is bright and a problem solver. She right away gets a technological sidekick with a hacker named Cecil, because she realizes that support is needed to be successful.

I like that issue one wasn’t an origin story. That’s such an easy comic trope to write. That being said, Gwenpool has already been in Howard the Duck and the Gwenpool Holiday Special. We’re going to need an explanation sooner rather than later.

The prologue art by Danilo Beyruth gives the tone of a regular Deadpool comic to set up that Gwen has similarities to Wade Wilson. It’s Girihiru’s art, though, that steals the show. It breathes new life into Gwen setting her apart from the male mercenary counterpart. I like that it’s cutesy and adorable, because Gwen is feminine and fun. I’ve argued before that Marvel would make a killing if they had an all ages Deadpool comic. While Gwenpool still isn’t kid friendly, I think tween girls would really dig her a lot.

My only real criticism is they killed a certain character at the end of the issue. I really loved this character from their first page. I wanted to see a new sidekick that could potentially grow into a superhero. I was massively disappointed to see him exit so fast. I am now rooting for Gwenpool to steal an Infinity Stone or go to Hel to save him…

…which could happen since Thor is in issue two!

Overall, this was a wonderful surprise. I honestly was expecting a weak story for Marvel to cash in on (google “Civil War II” to understand this point). Instead, I got a colorful new superhero with energy and life as she shoots baddies to death.

My suggestion is do not go into this thinking it will read like a Deadpool or a Spider-Gwen comic. Gwenpool is a new character doing her thing. Enjoy her for her, and don’t compare her to anyone else.

I gave Gwenpool #1 an 8 out of 10.


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