Other Side of the Mirror #115 – Mutiny! Instant Reaction Recap of The Brothers Jones

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This a Live reaction and recap to The Brothers Jones. It was recorded while we watched. We had a great time this week discussing Mutiny! And other topics that grabbed out attention during this episode. Our thoughts include:

  • Henry being ready to star in a John Green novel (now casting: Manic Pixie Dream Girl)
  • Snow White’s shabby chic style.
  • Hook’s March Madness brackets going bust.
  • The discount version of Jeffrey Rush aka John Silver.
  • And whether CGI hair and waves took the place of Robin Hood in this week’s budget.


We have feedback from Raissa (regarding Greek mythology) and Karyn (our patron!) and voicemails from @ThatTownMonster (aka Rumple), and Danielle (Captain Swanner). Also we ask our listeners how the heck did Rumple and Milah meet? Why did they get married? Let us know your theories and head canons!

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