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There’s a running theme with many of the characters in this week’s episode of The Aliens. Everyone is missing something. For the majority of them, it’s acceptance in the places they want to be. For Lily, it’s clarification to the audience of what her motivations are. We’re at the halfway point. This was a fantastic episode to set everyone up for them to win or to crash and burn.

Or in Lewis’ case, get the crap burned out of his foot.

This review contains spoilers for the episode!


The-Aliens-Episode-Three-Lewis-HollyI was preparing to rant about Lewis. In the first half, they repeated many of the issues I had with him last week. I lost it on Twitter when Lewis and Dominic walked into Fabian’s territory, stood in the middle of a group of silent people, and loudly talked about freeing Antoine, Fabian’s enemy. I still struggle to have sympathy for Lewis when he treated his nephew more like an obligation last week than like family. Finally, Lewis finished the episode shunning Dominic who was the only person to help save Holly’s, Lewis’ sister, life. I want to like Lewis. He’s been selfless his entire life helping those around him only to be used. He deserves to have some selfish moments. In the first half, he’s trying to support the humans in his life and grasp that normalcy.

That comes across as hypocritical just like the human police force Lewis wishes to be apart of. It’s the point of the episode and part of the journey. Lewis finds acceptance with the aliens (which is great and I’ll get to in a moment), but it’s destroying the life he’s always known. He doesn’t fully believe Holly can change. He struggles to connect to his stepfather. He doesn’t stand up for his sister. There’s the nephew issue from last week. He’s pushing away Dominic. If Lewis is supposed to be the link between the two races, he cannot burn these important human bridges in his life.

We at least got some positive changes in Lewis. Last week I said this:

I would rather have a character that says no to Lily at the risk of losing his [Lewis] job and going to jail, than this wibbly-wobbly mess of a man.

Let’s have a ticker tape parade! We got that Lewis this week! Thank goodness too! I adore Mr. Socha, but I was starting to hate Lewis. My love for an actor can only carry a character so much.

The-Aliens-Episode-Three-Lewis-AntoineLewis stood up for himself multiple times this episode to finally develop into a real character. His changing point was defying Fabian’s threats to kill his family and allow drug trade to humans. Initially pushing away Antoine, his father, allowed Lewis to have growing pains. He saw the human world for the hypocrites they were when the officers tormented Dominic. He realized his step father would never accept him as half alien. Lewis was a speciesist in the Pilot, and he’s seen there’s good aliens out there. Lily doesn’t have that strong of a grip on him anymore as she handed him over to Fabian to be tortured. Though if Lewis follows Lily again, he’s a lost cause. There is no reason to try and force a romance with a woman who’s almost killed you twice. Lily is abusing Lewis, and that’s never a message a show should use to define a romantic couple.

By the end, Lewis begins to accept the aliens. The humans have never saved him, but Antoine and his crew rescue Lewis from Fabian. He’s beginning to find acceptance with half of his heritage. Now, Lewis needs to connect the two worlds together.


The-Aliens-Episode-Three-HollyHolly is becoming one of my favorite characters. Cue up the Will Smith gif, because I’m so proud of her!

Last week, she was trying to make sense of her life. She lost her son. She was a drug addict. She had no real job. Lewis failed her as a brother leaving her with no support.

Brave Holly didn’t stand for any of that this week! My baby got a job, threw out anything that would force her to go back on drugs, and cleaned up her life. She did it all by herself too, since Lewis had zero confidence in her. Holly is such a wonderful character to root for. I care more about her than I do Lewis to be honest.

One thing to point out is her conversation with Lewis about if aliens are actually nice people. Holly’s new job works with them. They way they talked made it sound like all humans were against aliens adding to the world building. Also, Holly could be a new ally for Lewis. They even start to mend their relationship, as Lewis takes the first real interest in his sister’s well being. Too bad their stepfather got into her head. Holly potentially could have made friends at work even if they were another species. She could be happy with someone to support her. She missed that chance as she chose to walk away from her coworker.


The-Aliens-Episode-Three-DominicI should be careful what I wish for. I wanted a Dominic story. I’ve called for it the last two weeks. I should have clarified that I wanted Lewis and Dominic to be best friends in a field full of butterflies having pints together. Instead, Dominic is a plot device to push Lewis towards supporting Team Alien.

Not that I minded, because what we got from Dominic is so compelling. Like Lewis, he wanted so badly to be accepted by humans. He would do anything to be equal even if he washed their toilets. Instead, Truss (or “Dick Cop” as I like to call him) gave something terrible to the optimistic and trusting Dominic.

Truss gave Dominic hope and ripped it away from him.

Now, Dominic is on an interesting path. He’s met Paulette, the aliens activist who’s been screaming for three episodes. Paulette seems to be a person who can rebuild that confidence in him. Dominic needs a positive influence in his life. She genuinely wants a better quality of living for all aliens. I’m mostly worried, because Dominic is so desperate for someone to accept them. Having worked for the awesome humanitarian organization The Harry Potter Alliance, I know there are two types of activists out there. There are fantastic groups like the HPA who encourage people to change the world in little and productive ways. Then, there are followers, activists, and protestors like the ones in our current American presidential race.

Dominic, Paulette reminds me of the second group. Please, be very careful in future episodes.


The-Aliens-Episode-Three-Antoine-LewisAntoine- I’m not sure if I like Antoine yet but I’m intrigued by him. He claims that he doesn’t want to fight a war with Fabian but baited his rival last week over the phone. He also has no qualms about marching into Fabian’s joint to save his son. Antoine even has an on call mob to swoop in and fight. So, do you really not want to fight this war? I do truly believe he wants to start over with Lewis and be a father. He was willing to risk his life for Lewis to escape. Now the only thing missing is more information about Lewis’ mother.

Fabian- I still think Fabian is a child pretending to be a leader. At least this week, we finally got to see him be a villain. Fabian showing up at Lewis’ house proved that he has power over both the aliens and certain elements of the human world.

Dick Cop Strikes Back- I love to hate Officer Truss. His character is important since he’s the personification of a corrupt police system. I’m excited for next week. It looks he’s going to take a hellish trip to Troy. If Lewis has to save him, this could be the beginning of the human and alien worlds coming together.


Lily- I hate flip flopping back and forth between the pros and cons list each week when it comes to Lily. Where she was the MVP of last week, I find myself frustrated with her this episode. We are at the halfway point in the series, and we don’t know her motivations. I still think she’s the main villain of the series. Though, her conversation with Lewis about why she sleeps with men was fantastic. We got to see a softer side to Lily even if she was setting him up to be captured by Fabian.

Marketing Fail– Back when the trailer came out, I discussed in an article how the marketing confused me. Multiple websites claimed it was a sci-fi fun romp. Others said it was a drama. I pointed out something about Cloverfield. Three episodes in, I know for a fact that this isn’t a comedy. This show is a drama.

Final Thoughts

We needed a set up episode to push the audience towards the end of the series. The second half was the strongest part. Many of the characters reached the next step in their journey. I have a feeling that the final three episodes will be a roller coaster. I’m so excited for next week when Dick Cop goes to Troy!

I gave this week’s episode of The Aliens 17 out of 20 Holly redemption arcs!

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