Barely a Month to New Game of Thrones! Let’s Get Overexcited!

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Season Six of HBO’s celebrated, controversial, award-winning saga Game of Thrones premiere April 24, 2016 and so far they’ve released 26 episode stills in anticipation. The fandom has been in a frenzy for weeks dissecting every little detail of the images to determine where the story may be going now the series is so far “off-book” from the source material. I have my wacky theories, so let’s talk about it!

These two stills have many in a tizzy because it looks as if someone in a Sansa-like cloak has been cut out of the shot just to the left of Melisandre. But I am not so enamored of Sansa being surrounded by the people who killed Jon Snow? Even if he’s resurrected it’s hardly a stable situation. Nor is Melisandre a good/safe/moral/positive influence. So while certainly intriguing that idea is kinda terrifying for me.

Also filed under terrifying if intriguing, the parallels between these two images:

Is it intentional? Is it intentionally misleading? Are we meant to compare and contrast the two relationships? It’s not the first time Sansa and Cersei have been mirrored in promotional materials and there are similarities if you look for them… Knowing what’s happened at the end of the fifth season we can extrapolate that Theon and Jaime are seeking forgiveness and reconciliation and here Sansa is open to beginning the process while Cersei is as closed off as ever.

But mostly I love that everything in these photos scream Stark and Lannister respectively and the Winter one is more hopeful than the brightly burning sunset.

Let’s talk about shifts in power.


We all hate Ramsay Bolton but I have to admire this photo because


House Bolton has systematically overtaken House Stark’s — at the time vacant — seat of power over the past few seasons and they now sit exactly where Ned Stark did at the beginning of the series: seemingly well placed but actually precarious and doomed. So that’s…good?


Meanwhile House Lannister is now where House Baratheon was — losing power and people at an alarming rate and surrounded by enemies. As for Baratheon, their reign is starting to look more like a failed coup. But at the moment no one is in position to take the throne when King Tommen inevitably succumbs to his family curse. And that is very interesting!

Lightning round observations!


Arya is now a blind beggar. But what if it means the Wolf Sight she’s suggested to have in the books is going to come into play?! I’m here for it!!


Bran is standing! Well, more likely “standing” as he uses his sight to wander about the past under the tutelage of


Not a Jedi Master Not from Alderaan AKA The Three Eyed Raven AKA Max Von Sydow.



In the absence of Daenerys Missandei will be playing the part of queen of everything.





No but, why are they not out on their own road trip kicking ass and taking names?! Speaking of, anyone else surprised at the lack of Jorah and Daario? Guess they won’t appear til episode two.


Dany is in trouble and her wig looks a mess: Part Six

Speaking of hair. Jaime and Cersei now have the exact same haircut while Tyrion looks like this:


You know who also looks like this?


Just saying.

Also, hello new trailer!

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