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Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 5: The Atomic Job Recap

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After last episode’s flashbacks and kidnapping it’s time for something completely different. That’s right, it’s heist time. I’m 100% positive I’ve read this fanfiction already.

Peggy wakes to Jason by her bedside, and puts her gun directly through his head. Yep, Jason is still incorporeal and to say the show is patting itself on the back for having cast one person of colour, he has currently been sidelined (sometimes literally invisible) for the last three out of five episodes. Jason beckons Peggy to the lab to show her the sample from Jane Scott’s autopsy reacts to his presence, so much so in fact that it phases through it’s container to connect with him. Jason is solid, for a minute at least, and he suddenly knows exactly where Jane Scott’s body is being kept.

Nurse Violet, Sousa’s girlfriend that the show probably expected us to forget about (I didn’t show, I didn’t!) arrives home to find her door unlocked. Instead of finding a thief she finds a full meal set out for her, and Sousa asleep in her living room. He’s fallen asleep because she’s late home, she had to cover a shift for her friend Regina. I see what you did there, ABC.

Sousa was waiting for the chance to try propose again, but this time he’s lost the ring while sleeping. After an unsuccessful search he decides to propose without the ring and the scene is actually really sweet. We find out the two met during Sousa’s physical therapy when he first moved to LA, and the two dig into the cushions together and seem to find more lost money than they do any lost rings. They’re really cute together, it’s a shame tv shows would rather deal in love triangles than showing it’s possible for people to move on.

Over at the Chadwick house Whitney is mumbling in her sleep, while her husband can’t sleep at all. It’s understanable considering he recently saw her kill someone with her new powers, and he gets out of bed to pack some clothes in what I suspect is an escape attempt. Too bad Whitney isn’t falling for anything, she’s awake instantly and she wants his help.

The help is apparently with Jane Scott’s body. It seems like Jason isn’t the only one being called to the Zero Matter in her body. Peggy and Mr. Jarvis have arrived at the building Jason thinks Jane Scott is being kept in, and sneak inside through the vents. Every other tv show has mislead me into thinking vents are very small, because here Jarvis and Peggy can crawl along comfortably beside each other. From the vents they see Whitney and Calvin approach Jane’s body, and whatever Zero Matter is left inside is absorbed into Whitney when she touches the corpse.

“I need an atomic bomb.” Whitney wants to duplicate the last experiment in order to create more Zero Matter. The more she absorbs the more she wants, it’s seems, so why doesn’t Jason seem to be reacting the same way? Surely he should need even more than her, considering he currently isn’t even solid.

The gang needs to find the atomic bombs made by Roxxon, which Jason says will be impossible to narrow down to one Roxxon facility. Jarvis however has a pretty good idea where they can be found, considering Howard has been researching Roxxon for years and one facility has much more intense security than the others. Howard hasn’t yet been able to find a way inside, nothing short of having the key itself will do it.

Back at the SSR Peggy walks in on Daniel telling his agents how he proposed and lost the ring. Peggy congratulates him but quickly moves on. She really does not seem to care much, either because her eyes are now on Jason or because Peggy is nothing if not respectful of other women.

Peggy pulls Sousa aside and fills him in on the plan to sneak into the office of Hugh Jones, the head of Roxxon. She’s in need of a disguise, since she met the man in New York last season, but Sousa has another plan that involves the science department. Dr. Samberly has been working on a memory inhibitor, a device that makes people forget the last two minutes. A device the department has been using on employee Jerry, who is now walking into walls.

Flash too: the Roxxon offices, Hugh’s secretary is on lunch and Peggy has herself a new american accent and a redheaded wig. She tells Hugh her name is Wanda. Yes, after using the disguise of Ruth Barton last season the nods continue. Hugh leaves for lunch and “Wanda” gets to work searching his office, but Jones’ is only a few steps out of his office before he realizes who Peggy really is. A quick zap of the Memory Inhibitor has him back out the door, but it’s only a couple more steps before he realizes the truth yet again. On his return to the office Peggy realizes Hugh has the key on him somewhere, and searches his body while zapping him every time he wakes up. The whole scene is pretty slapstick, as is a big part of the episode, but most of it hits well.

Whitney, Zero Matter scar fully on display now, is trying to convince her husband to help her into the same Roxxon facility. She once again plays on his desires, so obviously flattering him but the man is yet again too self absorbed to see anything else. Her plan for getting into Roxxon is to use her connections, who we soon find out is a gangster called Joseph Manfredi. Joseph is Whitney’s ex-boyfriend, and Calvin is not at all happy about being there. It’s not surprising he’s nervous, considering Joseph beats one of his own men to a pulp for looking at Whitney the wrong way. Whitney gets her deal however, some of Manfredi’s men will be her muscle, Calvin just has to assure Joseph’s name stops appearing in the papers.

Back with Team Carter it’s all maps and planning, while Sousa practices defusing a bomb. Once the group get inside they have no idea what they’ll be facing, and there isn’t anyone else in the SSR they can trust not to be involved with the council. Well no, that’s not true, there’s Rose. Sousa shows some casual sexism about not wanting to take her, but Peggy calls him out. Rose has the same training as all of them and Peggy trusts her with her life, plus it doesn’t hurt that Rose has a perfectly timed encounter with a handsy musician and slams him into the window Daniel and Peggy are talking in front of.

Rose is on the team, and the three are soon looking around the lab for some gadgets to take with them. The jokes that don’t land this episode are Dr. Samberly talking like a seven year old because of his crush on Rose, but her wooing quickly gets him on side. The only problem? Samberly insists on coming with them, he’s sick of being stuck in the lab.

And here we have the perfectly ridiculous slow motion walk of our heist crew, including Samberly almost falling flat on his face and Jarvis forgetting the car, to the sound of Pistol Packin’ Mama by Bing Crosby. The whole episode is worth it for these forty seconds, honestly.

Upon arrival at Roxxon Rose and Samberly pretend to be a lost married couple while everyone else hides out in the back of the van. A van labeled Civil War Antiques, by the way, the nods to the marvel MCU are plentiful this season. Samberly almost blows the whole thing because of his six year old crush, but manages to throw his device over the fence and electrocute the security guards keeping them out. With the key Peggy stole the five enter the building, and an unconscious (dead?) security guard falls right into the elevator. It seems Whitney is already here, and that explains why those “security guards” outside could afford expensive watches and shoes.

Samberly disables all the door locks in the building, but that also gives Whitney full access as well. Peggy at least knows which room she’s heading for however, since a map revealed a room with double thick walls and extra security.

While Rose heads off to take care of Whitney’s men the rest of the group continues towards the atomic bombs, which they find without much trouble. Staying out of trouble is a bigger problem however, and when Samberly tries to lock a door to keep Whitney’s crew from getting to them he accidentally locks Jarvis into the room with the bomb. There’s no time to waste getting him out, Peggy goes to take care of Whitney and Sousa will have to talk Jarvis through disabling the bomb.

Rose reappears (with a knife, rip mob men) in time to give Samberly a pep talk to stop him panicking, and Jarvis removes the first of two rods from the bomb. Peggy radios for the group to get the bombs out of the building and narrows down her search for Whitney. She tries to offer the other woman a cure but Whitney isn’t at all interested, unlike her fearful husband. Peggy punches her directly in the face and Whitney doesn’t even seem to feel it, does Zero Matter just do everything? Peggy almost finds herself absorbed by Whitney’s powers too when Whitney finds out the rods have been taken, but fights her grip and finds herself hanging from a ledge after pushing away from her. Whitney almost touches her again, and Peggy chooses to fall onto some rebar rather than let it happen.

Peggy Carter is really hardcore, guys. The show actually managed to surprise me here, I’ve got to give them that. We all know Peggy can’t die until she is a very very old lady, but a shot of Peggy from above with a bar stuck through hr left side still managed to be shocking. Daniel, who went back for Peggy after the bombs were removed, brings her home to Violet to fix. She won’t go to a hospital because “very powerful people are after her” but I don’t buy it, she went into work earlier and the place is full of Council supporters.

At home Whitney is trying to get access to more uranium, but Calvin is finally putting his foot down. Whitney seems shocked her husband is finally standing up for himself, but when he refuses to calm down she quickly puts her hands on him and makes it clear what will happen if he doesn’t listen to her.

Later that night when Whitney is sleeping Calvin calls the council for an emergency meeting, it seems he’s about to tell them everything about his wife.

Back at Violet’s Peggy is sat up despite having just been run through with rebar. All her vital organs were missed and Peggy is stood up and out the door with the help of Jarvis in seconds. Well that was rather anti climactic, but at least the actual accident got me. Once Peggy has left Sousa is in the dog house, Violet instantly knows Sousa has not only a crush on Peggy but is completely in love with her because Sousa stared at her for 2.5 seconds. Honestly for once I don’t know what she saw, Sousa hasn’t been ridiculously annoying with his puppy eyes this episode.

We never get Daniels answer as to if he’s in love with Peggy, but considering he pauses for a ridiculously long time I get the feeling Violet already has hers,  that pesky engagement will be out of the way in time for the season finale.

We see out the episode with Peggy, Jarvis is fussing over her with blankets and pillows, and we get a nice quiet moment between the two that seems to have been missing more this season. Left alone with Jason Peggy tells him how much it hurt when Whitney touched her, and Jason reveals his connection to the place where Zero Matter comes from. Perhaps this is why Jason isn’t absorbing all the matter he can get, he’s resisting that place while Whitney completely embraces it.

Peggy puts on some music at Jason’s request, but Jason suddenly beings to fade out before completely disappearing. The episode leaves us, and Peggy, with no idea where he’s disappeared to and why.

Status Report

This was actually a great episode, and quite possibly my favourite of the whole season so far. The writes made the perfect choice turning the whole thing into it’s own little tribute to a heist movie, and while we still had love triangle drama to deal with it didn’t feel like it took over the whole plot like it did during the two episode premiere.

There’s still some big things I’d change about the show right now, but if it continues at this quality for the rest of the run I won’t be entirely disappointed with it’s second season.

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