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The 100, Season 3 Recap: Wanheda Pt. 2 (Or the episode where Bellamy is the Ultimate Bro)

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Welcome back to The 100! Last week Clarke was being hunted by literally everyone but still had time to do a little mattress dancing with a Grounder girl. Bellamy was trying to keep the coalition together, but was actually doing the exact opposite. Raven is still having trouble with her hip and in true Raven Reyes fashion is telling zero people about it. Octavia has gone full Grounder and wants to keep Lincoln from getting too cozy with the Arkers. Now moving on to the episode!

(Side note: What’s with this new beginning of episode voiceover that they added this season? I hated it on Arrow and Nikita, CW. Please stop forcing me to listen to the same monologue over and over again.)

We open with Kane, Indra, Bellamy, and Monty immediately getting captured by Grounders. Except just kidding! They’re actually the people from Farm Station! Monty and his mom have a tearful reunion and I would be totally lying if I said that I didn’t shed a few tears. The Farm Station people are led by a man named Pike, who has an obvious distaste for Grounders. If the season trailer is anything to go by, this guy might be one of the big bads of the season.

Cut to a bound and gagged Clarke being pulled along by the unnamed Grounder that captured her last week. She falls down like she’s passed out and the Grounder takes this opportunity to fill up his water bottle. This is a mistake, because in true Slytherin fashion Clarke uses this as the moment to attempt to strangle him. But it looks like two can play the fake passed out game. The Grounder flips Clarke into the water, washing off her berry dye job.

Octavia wakes up to Lincoln giving her some serious heart-eyes and decides to reward him for not wearing the guard jacket with a little morning fun. However before they can get too far, Nyko, the Grounder healer from last season, rides up wounded on his horse. Apparently the Ice Nation have decided that they want to really mess things up by going after Trikru too. Nyko says that he needs to see Abby, so Octavia and Lincoln take him into Arkadia.

Speaking of Abby, she’s in the med bay for Jasper’s follow-up appointment. Nyko is brought in and it’s quickly found that Nyko cannot receive blood transfusions from anyone in the room. Jackson remarks that they would be able to save him at Mount Weather, but it would be tricky since any Arker movement to the Mountain puts the coalition at risk. Abby asks Lincoln what he wants to do, and he makes the decision to take Nyko to the Mountain.

Next we head back to Niylah’s shop where she’s getting the crap beat out of her by some Grounder bully bounty hunter. He wants to know where the Ice Nation Grounder who took Clarke went. Niylah, the real MVP, doesn’t say a word and just lets the Grounder wail on her. Luckily, Bellamy and Co. show up just in time to shoot the Grounder before he cuts off Niylah’s hand. They’re able to convince Niylah that they mean no harm and she tells them the bounty hunter mentioned what direction Clarke and the Ice Nation Grounder went. (I think I might call him The Notorious ING from now on. It has a better ring than Ice Nation Grounder.) Bellamy and Co. then head off on foot to find Clarke.

Unfortunately Clarke is continuing to have zero fun with The Notorious ING. He tells her to be quiet while Ice Nation scouts walk by. Clarke does the complete opposite and starts screaming because of course she does. The Notorious ING tells the scouts that he is taking Clarke in for the bounty, but then the scouts decide that they want a piece of that bounty pie. The scouts attack and suddenly The Notorious ING lives up to his name by slaughtering all of the scouts with laser precision. Clarke, my Slytherin queen, grabs a knife off one of the scouts and tries to stab The Notorious ING with it. Unfortunately he’s undeterred and they continue their trek.

Bellamy and Co. are walking through the grasslands on their way to Clarke. Monty tries to get his mom to tell him how his father died, but she sidesteps the question. So I’m guessing that’s probably going to be an important plot point later.

Indra stops them when she hears war drums and says that the Ice Nation are approaching. Monty asks if she knows just by the sound of the drums (which would have been super impressive, by the way) but she says no, she knows because of the dead Ice Nation scouts in front of them. Bellamy sees people walking in the distance and realizes that it’s Clarke and The Notorious ING. He makes to run after them, but Pike stops him, saying that he’ll never make it in time. Bellamy and Co. are resigned to wait it out in a cave while Indra leaves to warn Commander Lexa that the Ice Nation has crossed the border into Trikru territory. Kane says that they will find Clarke and Indra responds that they better. If Clarke dies, then Lexa will start a war. I guess after someone kills two of your girlfriends (the first being Costia), war is a reasonable response.

Clarke and The Notorious ING continue walking into what looks like an abandoned subway tunnel. He finds this tunnel by looking at a subway pamphlet that was repurposed into a map. One of the things I love about The 100 is their brilliant props department, and it looks like season three isn’t going to disappoint in that regard. The little details help to really flesh out this world the characters live in.

Anyway, they kill time by having a little chat about each other. It’s really lighthearted fare. The Notorious ING accuses Clarke of being a coward for running away from her people and Clarke accuses him of being a coward right back for the same thing. We find out that The Notorious ING was banished from the Ice Nation and that Clarke is his ticket back in. So he puts the gag back in her mouth and they prepare to continue moving.

Back at the cave, Bellamy and Co. are still waiting for the Ice Nation army to move. Monty asks again how his father died and his mother finally tells him. She tearfully says that they landed in the snow when their piece of the Ark fell. Ice Nation warriors killed the children that were playing in the snow. Monty’s father ran out of the Ark and saved four children, but was killed bringing the fifth into the Ark. When his mother can’t finish the story, Pike says that they have been fighting Grounders ever since. Kane remarks that not all of the Grounders are the same. Pike looks at him and simply says, “They are to me”. Since Grounder/Arker relationships are already strained, I have a feeling he’s not going to help matters in the future.

Back at the Mountain, Abby is able to save Nyko. They have a brief discussion about whether or not to open the Mountain for the Arkers and Grounders. Nyko says that “places aren’t evil, people are” and that the Grounders will come to see that. With everything else going on, I have a feeling that now might not be the time to open the Scary Murder Mountain.

In the cave, Monty realizes that Bellamy has stolen Ice Nation gear and left. He’s decided to infiltrate the army and walk across the field to get to Clarke. I applaud Bellamy for doing whatever’s possible to save Clarke. That’s Ultimate BroTP material right there. In what might be the funniest moment of the episode, an Ice Nation warrior stops Bellamy as he’s walking across the field. Instead of finding him out, he simply turns him the same direction as the other warriors and moves on. It was a wordless “No, it’s this way bro” that had me chuckling on my couch.

Bellamy finally finds Clarke, but is soon nabbed by The Notorious ING. It looks like a quick end for Bellamy, but Clarke begs to have his life spared. The Notorious ING complies, but stabs Bellamy in the leg so he can’t follow them. Of course, because he’s the Ultimate Bro, Bellamy wants to continue looking for Clarke. Unfortunately he is too badly wounded and Kane tells him that they will have to stop for now.

Next we are treated to what looks like Clarke’s view from the inside of a burlap sack. The Notorious ING announces that he has brought Wanheda, and pulls the sack off of Clarke’s head. Then, appearing as if she has descended from heaven, Lexa walks out of the light and down from her throne.

Now I hope you all are ready for this because since the season two finale I have been waiting with bated breath for the day that Clarke and Lexa meet again. If you remember, at the end of last season Lexa made the difficult decision to leave Clarke and the Arkers at Mount Weather to save the Grounders trapped inside. This was devastating to Clarke as well as to Lexa since they had fallen in love over the short time they knew each other. If their relationship had a theme song at the end of season two it would definitely be “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

Anyway, back to the show. Lexa is clearly miffed that The Notorious ING brought Clarke back all scuffed up. He says that she “Didn’t come easily”, and Lexa looks a little bit proud that her ex-girlfriend gave him trouble. We finally figure out that The Notorious ING’s name is Roan and he’s the Ice Queen’s son. He wants Lexa to honor their deal and lift his banishment, but since his mom is basically starting a war, Lexa has him locked up instead.

Once he’s taken care of, Lexa immediately clears the room so she can have some one on one time with Clarke. As soon as everyone leaves Lexa lets her hard commander mask fall a little. She quietly tells Clarke that she’s sorry and removes her gag in the gentlest way possible. I’m so glad that Alycia Debnam Carey was able to return to The 100. Her acting choices are always A+. You can see that even though she left her, Lexa is still in love with Clarke.

After removing her gag, Lexa tells Clarke that war is brewing and she had to capture Clarke to make sure that she didn’t fall into the hands of the Ice Queen. This statement makes my heart ache because of the multiple meanings it holds. The first is the straightforward meaning. Lexa cannot have Clarke die if she has any hope of keeping the coalition with the Arkers. The second, deeper meaning concerns how Lexa feels about Clarke. Previously, the Ice Queen killed Lexa’s first love Costia when she wouldn’t divulge Lexa’s secrets. Costia’s death caused Lexa to build a giant wall around her heart. Lexa was resigned to never open her heart again to keep her people safe. But Clarke literally fell out of the sky and changed Lexa’s whole world. Lexa fell in love with Clarke. After finding out that Clarke survived Mount Weather, Lexa will now do whatever is possible to keep Clarke safe. She lost Clarke once, and she won’t lose her again, especially to someone who ripped her first love away from her.

Unfortunately even though Lexa’s heart is in the right place, Clarke hasn’t quite forgiven her for betraying and abandoning her at Mount Weather. As soon as Lexa stops talking, Clarke, My No Chill Child, spits in her face. (Side note: THAT WAS SO MUCH SPIT. Clarke had to have worked on that the entire time Lexa was talking and then just waited for her moment to strike.) Lexa’s guards quickly move to action and grab Clarke, dragging her out of the throne room. As she leaves, Clarke is feral screaming, “YOU BITCH! YOU WANTED THE COMMANDER OF DEATH? YOU GOT HER! I’LL KILL YOU!”. It’s obviously not the response that Lexa would have liked, but it’s arguably the response she deserves from Clarke at this point. The episode ends with Lexa standing out on a balcony. Suddenly the camera zooms out and you see that she is standing on a skyscraper hundreds of feet off the ground. We made it kids! We’re finally in the Grounder capital city, Polis.

What an ending! It looks like next episode we’ll be spending some time in Polis. The promo for next week’s episode suggests that Lexa will try to get the Arkers to join the twelve clans. For her sake, she better hope Clarke cuts it out with the llama impressions. Let me know what you thought about the episode in the comments. Did you laugh at the Bellamy/Ice Nation part as much as I did? Did you see the outcome of the Clexa reunion coming? Until next week, may we meet again!



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