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The 100, Season 3 Recap: Wanheda Pt. 1 (Or the episode where Clarke Griffin has more game than me)

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Hello and welcome to everyone’s favorite show about filthy teenagers making bad decisions, The 100! When we last left our lovely band of misfits, Clarke decided to take a three month vacation from the people of the Ark after killing all of the people in Mount Weather. Bellamy and Octavia rejoined the people of the Ark after the events at the mountain and their futures were unknown. Raven, who was battling all season with her injured leg, now has a pretty serious hip wound courtesy of the “doctors” of Mount Weather. Now, onto the likely tragedy of season three!

The episode opens on Murphy who is still trapped in the bunker he found at the end of season two. He’s finishing the video that was left by the previous owner of the bunker. It seems that the owner of the bunker was the one who “let ALIE out.” ALIE, if you remember from last season, is the artificial intelligence program that likely caused the nuclear apocalypse that drove everyone from Earth. After finishing the video, Murphy realizes that there is no way out of the bunker, no matter how hard he tries.

What follows is a montage of Murphy freaking out about his fate while the video recordings play in the background. These videos give some much-needed backstory on what led up to the nuclear apocalypse on Earth. It seems that ALIE was created to “make life better” for people on Earth. ALIE’s version of making life better was to thin the world’s population by causing a nuclear apocalypse, because it wouldn’t be a story about an AI if it didn’t eventually go off the deep end.

Murphy’s hysterics finally cease and he decides to film a goodbye video for Jaha. It turns out that after 86 days in the bunker, he is on his last box of food. Gentle viewers, if you are timing how long it takes for things to get serious this season, you can stop your stopwatches here. Murphy prepares to shoot himself to end his misery when the door to the bunker opens and Murphy is able to step outside. He eventually stumbles upon the mansion that Jaha is living in and Jaha welcomes him, saying that they “have so much to talk about”.

While I love this show dearly, the part of last season that I felt was the weakest was the City of Light portion. This means that unless something happens in the story line that directly affects the people of the Ark or the Grounders, I will likely be omitting these parts from my recaps. However if people really want me to recap these portions, I’ll be happy to do so. Just let me know in the comments.   

Next, the viewers get treated to a little bit of fanservice with a shirtless, sweaty, and sparring Lincoln and Bellamy. The shot eventually widens to show that it is a training session for the new guards. I’m excited to see Monroe and Harper front and center. I was worried that they wouldn’t be back this season. The Ark crew gives Lincoln a guard’s jacket, signifying that he is one of them now. Bellamy moves to leave, as a beacon has been triggered right on the border of Ice Nation territory.

Moving to an office, Kane is scribbling on a map while my favorite hot mom, Abby Griffin, is taking a little nap on the sofa. It looks like her job as both the doctor and the Chancellor for the Arkers is draining. Bellamy enters to tell Kane that he is going into sector seven, and that he wants to arm the team he takes with him. Since this is The 100, I’m going to assume that because these kids are going to be armed, everything will eventually go to hell. Anyway, Kane approves the request and Bellamy leaves. Abby wakes at this point and walks over to Kane, staring at the map. She wonders out loud if Clarke is in sector seven and Kane mentions sending another search party out. Abby says no and that Clarke will be found when she wants to be.

As Bellamy goes to collect the team, he finds Monty and Jasper. It seems that Jasper is a little worse for wear after the events at Mount Weather. Maya’s death has taken a toll on him and he’s been drinking to get rid of the pain. Bellamy decides that Jasper needs some fresh air, so he and Monty carry Jasper over to the rover that they will take to sector seven.

It’s here that we get to meet Bellamy’s new girlfriend, Gina. She’s just returning from a Mount Weather salvage run and has a gift for Bellamy: a copy of the Iliad. She mentions that she remembers Bellamy saying that his mother read it to him as a child, and he is clearly touched at the gesture. I’m so glad that Nerd King Bellamy has a girlfriend that values literature and also cares for him. Also, yes, I do have nicknames for all of the Fab Four (Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Octavia) so get excited for that.

Bellamy then slams his bag down on the rover, causing whoever is working on the rover to roll out from under it. That person just so happens to be the light of my life, fire of my loins, living embodiment of the “smartass, badass, great ass” tumblr meme, Angry Genius Raven Reyes. She tells Bellamy to be careful with the rover and after getting drunk mess Jasper (who I’m sure will cause no trouble on this trip) in, they get ready to set off to sector seven.

As the garage door opens my Warrior Princess, Octavia, rides up on her horse. She fires off a “Try to keep up!” at Raven, who smirks back. (Anyone else ship Octaven?) With that, our merry band of misfits head out of what is now called Arkadia, and on to sector seven.

The scene that follows is one of my favorites of the episode. Jasper has an iPod and puts music on in the rover. For a few blissful minutes everyone in the rover is just jamming out and singing along to “Add It Up” by The Violent Femmes. With all of the tragedy and death on this show, it’s great to see these kids just being kids.

Eventually they have to come back to reality when the beacon comes online. The signal says that it’s in sector eight, Ice Nation territory, and that it is a beacon from Farm Station. While protocol states to go back to the city and let the Chancellor decide how to proceed, Bellamy says “screw protocol.” With both Monty’s family and Miller’s boyfriend from Farm Station, it is important to find out if they are still alive. Yep, you read that right, Miller’s BOYFRIEND. It’s great that it was just dropped in casually. When I watch this show I always hope that we will get to a future like this where loving whoever you love isn’t a big deal. So thanks, The 100, for at least showing me a possibility of that future.  

Eventually our merry band of misfits stumbles upon Ice Nation scouts who have the beacon. The scouts tell the group that they are looking for Wanheda, and Octavia tells them, in Trigedasleng, that they don’t know who that is. (Side note: I’m so pumped that the Trigedasleng is back. I’m a sucker for a good fake language.) Because Jasper has to ruin every situation he’s in, he walks right up to one of the Ice Nation scouts and takes the beacon. The scout grabs him and holds a knife to his neck while Jasper just laughs like it’s some kind of game. The crew has to open fire, killing the scouts and freeing Jasper. They’re then called to sector four to meet with Kane, probably to let them know that they screwed up and that the alliance is all blown to hell. Fortunately instead, they meet with Indra who tells them that everyone is hunting Clarke.

Speaking of Clarke, we find her in the forest attempting to catch a panther as a meal. Her hair is an interesting shade of red (dyed by berries, The 100 writers’ twitter tells us) and she looks like she hasn’t seen a bath in the three months that she’s been gone. She eventually kills the panther, whispering “yu gonplei ste odon” (Your fight is over). It seems that what she has gained in general filth, she’s also gained in Grounder knowledge.

Clarke takes the kill to a hut where we meet Niylah, a shopkeeper’s daughter. She makes small talk (entirely in Trigedasleng) with Clarke, even offering her a drink while she waits for her kill to be cleaned and packaged. Clarke notices that Niylah is wearing one of the vital sign bracelets that the delinquents were wearing in season one, but doesn’t comment on it.  

In the meeting with Indra, Kane, Bellamy, and Monty, Indra tells them that the Grounders are now calling Clarke “Wanheda” which translates to “Commander of Death”. The Grounders believe that when you kill someone you gain their power. This means that if they were to kill Clarke, they would become the commander of death. The Ice Nation Queen has put a bounty on Clarke’s head and wants her power. If she cannot get it, the Queen will likely break the coalition and start a war. This means that Clarke needs to be found, and fast.

Clarke heads back to the trading post to ask Niylah about the bracelet. However before she can respond, a man entering the shop interrupts them. While Clarke acts like she is shopping, the man asks Niylah if she has seen the woman on the scrap of parchment he offers her. She lies, saying that Clarke had passed through two days ago and is now heading north. Clarke realizes that Niylah knows who she is and asks when Niylah figured it out. Niylah shoots back “How long have you been coming in here?” and I immediately like her even more. Clarke wants to know why she is helping her, and she says that the Mountain took her mother and Clarke stopped the reaping.

Later Niylah is cleaning Clarke’s panther wound and asking her about the Mountain. This whole sequence breaks my heart and is my other favorite scene of the episode. As Niylah is cleaning her wound Clarke leans into her touch. This is obviously the first real contact she’s had with another person since the Mountain, and my heart aches for her. Niylah comments that Clarke doesn’t have any kill marks on her back, to which Clarke responds, “My back’s not big enough”. Niylah continues to talk about the Mountain and acts like Clarke is a hero. Clarke cannot bear to hear, what in her mind is murder, talked about like victory, so she asks Niylah to not speak. She would prefer silence to having to relive those moments.

Now onto the part that my tumblr dash has been freaking out about since the season trailer weeks ago. It’s The Sex Scene, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. So my initial reaction was “Whoa, I have NEVER seen a girl/girl sex scene like this on network tv.”. I still remember when Spencer and Ashley couldn’t lay on the bed together in South of Nowhere. [su_pullquote]At the risk of sounding silly, I’m glad that we have made it to the point when the girl/girl sex scenes on tv are just as steamy (or steamier honestly) as the girl/boy scenes.[/su_pullquote]

But of course I have to move beyond “Damn that’s hot.” The scene has a bit of sadness for me because of what it means. Clarke has made some hard decisions in her time on Earth. She’s had to kill hundreds of people so that her people could survive. That’s a lot for one young woman to handle. In fact, it became so much that she felt that she deserved to be alone and suffer for the things that she’s done. This scene is the first time in three months that she’s let herself feel anything that’s not sadness and regret. Could she be using sex as a way to cope instead of moving on? Sure, but when you have to kill approximately 900 people, I think you deserve an orgasm or two.

Back at Arkadia, Octavia is upset that Lincoln is wearing the guard jacket. While Lincoln wants the Grounders and people of the Ark to live together, Octavia doesn’t think that will ever happen. She wants to go as far away as possible with Lincoln and start a new life. Lincoln says that being Trikru is in her heart and that is most important.

I read some comments online that were confused as to why Octavia is so against the Arkers, and here is my take on it. For the first sixteen years of her life, Octavia was forced to live under the floor because of rules that the Ark created. After she was found, she was then locked in a cell until the day she landed on Earth. I don’t know about you, but if I was kept in a cage for my entire life by a group of people, I probably wouldn’t be too keen to swear my allegiance to them. To Octavia, being a Grounder means freedom. It means being able to sleep under the sky and ride a horse till the wind makes your eyes water. It makes perfect sense that she would prefer that to the metal cage-like rooms of the Ark. In fact, when the episode nears its end, Lincoln finds Octavia sleeping outside and joins her on the ground.

Clarke wakes suddenly from a nightmare and for a second doesn’t know where she is. Once she realizes that she’s with Niylah she uses that as a moment to sneak away. As she quietly leaves the shop, the Grounder from earlier in the episode grabs her. He whispers, “Hello Wanheda” and the screen cuts to black.

So that was an exciting premiere! Again, let me know if you want me to include the City of Light bits back into the recap. Also, let me know if there’s anything you would like to see me talk more about! If enough people want me to expand on a certain facet of the show, I’m happy to write a piece about it. Get excited for my Wanheda Part 2 recap where you get to find out my nickname for Clarke! May we meet again!


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