10 Unanswered Questions in Once Upon A Time

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We are well into season five of Once Upon A Time. While I might not agree with the direction of the show, it remains one of my favorite things on television. I adored Once: Wonderland and constantly request it to be on DVD. I’ve met so many friends through this fandom including my editors for What the Fangirl (‘sup Bri and Alex!). I’ve discussed both shows for over 50+ hours on my podcast Hope of All Trades. I own both of the comics and think there should be a monthly comic with Marvel for the minor characters. I’m even planning a Once tattoo if I can ever get it in a certain actor’s handwriting. Needless to say, I’m in this for the long run.

But throughout the years, certain unanswered questions have frustrated me. Some affect the very mythos of the show, while others are me nitpicking over my favorite characters. It matters to me, because Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis worked on LOST. A major reason I stopped watching LOST was they never seemed to answer questions. Some fans believe Once is winding down into it’s final seasons (me included). These are the questions I would sit down and ask Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Kitsis if I ever had the chance.

Here’s my top 10 unanswered questions of Once Upon A Time.

What’s Blue Fairy’s story?

The Blue Fairy on Once Upon a TimeWhether you love her or think she’s shady, many fans I’ve talked to think something more is going on with the Blue Fairy. In season one it’s stated that she’s the greatest source of good. She’s older and probably more powerful than Rumpelstiltskin. I’ve never understood why the heroes go to Rumps, a villain, for help and not Blue Fairy. Also if she’s this great being, why does she sometimes do bad things? She took Tinker Bell’s wings. She waited to aid Jiminy Cricket until after he hurt Geppetto’s parents when Jiminy wanted to escape for YEARS. She rarely gives straight answers like how she knew both the Author and the Sorcerer. My theory is she’s like Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter. I think Blue believes in the “Greater Good.” If lesser people get hurt to preserve good as a whole, she’ll take those people out. My other theory is she’s the real Big Bad of the show and manipulating everyone around her. Either way, Blue Fairy is one of the few characters that’s been with us since season one that we’re in the dark about. So many questions surround her, and I’m scared we’ll never get answers.

Was there supposed to be more to Greg and Tamara?

tumblr_inline_mrhhzxunB21qz4rgpRight around the time they were filming “In the Name of the Brother,” the show got the rights to go to Neverland. You can see them full stop on the Greg and Tamara story line, dump all the luggage, and high tail it to this new world. Which is a complete shame to me. I know I’m in the minority, but I freaking love season two. Victor Frankenstein is one of my top favorite characters. I was sure that Greg and Tamara were going to try and recruit the Doctor since he was familiar with magic. Many fantastic fan theories about the science vs magic set up was flying about. My friend Bill Meeks from Greetings from Storybrooke had a theory that season two would end with news vans driving into Storybrooke (in their podcast episode for “Manhattan“). I still wonder to this day what the show would have been like if they stayed on that path.

The set up for Greg’s character and the lack of background with Tamara really puzzles me. For example, Greg asks Regina if she had ever been to Carlisle, Pennsylvannia. Do you know what’s in Carlisle? An army war college where they train military officials. Various fan theories were that Greg worked for the military, and the Home Office was a military faction hunting magic from our world. Magic is what got his father killed, so it’s a very plausible idea. His name is also a play on Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics. Then we have Tamara with no background at all! How did she get involved with the Home Office? Did something magical hurt her in the past? How did she meet Greg? What is her core motivation? While Greg wanted revenge, Tamara seemed more like an anti-magic zealot. The way she talked was like she wanted to wage a holy war against magic.

I feel like the Home Office was supposed to be bigger than just Peter Pan. What use would Pan have to send Tamara after The Dragon? Their resources also indicated there were more people than just Greg, Tamara, and the Darling Brothers, because I don’t see Peter Pan sending them advanced technological equipment to aid them. I wonder if there’s still more Home Office people out there in the world that we don’t know about.

 How did Peter Pan know about Henry when Baelfire was a child?

Drawing-of-Henry-2x22-And-Straight-on-til-MorningWhile there are many questions I have with Neverland (What deal did Killian make with Pan to leave the island? Why did Pan trust Tinker Bell when they were never on screen together?), this is by far one of the biggest plot holes in Once. Baelfire AKA Neal Cassidy, Henry’s dad, was captured by Peter Pan and held on Neverland for hundreds of years. Somehow, Pan has a picture of Henry to check to see if Baelfire was the one he was looking for way before Henry was born. HOW!? I don’t even know where to begin with this one. You would think this would be one of the bigger plots tackled since Henry is the Heart of the Truest Believer. But no, we had to have Frozen and Brave instead. This is my frustration with Once and how it constantly treads on the same territory that made me leave LOST. The things that should be important are ignored, while we get overkill in plots that have absolutely no meaning in anyway.

Where the heck is King George?

I’ve seen a lot of fans for years debate King George’s fate in season two. In “Child of the Moon,” we see him burn Jefferson’s hat and then escape into the night never to be seen in Storybrooke again. The DVD for season two came out, and there’s King George in the deleted scenes. He’s been captured by the Charmings and being held in the mines. Mr. Horowitz has stated on his twitter that only what we see on the television screen counts as canon. But he has also contradicted that saying George is in custody and that deleted scenes are canon. So which is it? Does the deleted scene count or not? I also struggle with the world hopping in this show. There’s been so many curses sending Storybrooke back and forth from one land to another that I find it hard to believe that anyone has been keeping track of the king. In season 3B when everyone was dumped in the Enchanted Forest, George was probably dropped in the woods like everyone else. He could have easily escaped.

There’s been plenty of chances to use George more as a powerhouse baddie. I was expecting a war in Storybrooke when the heroes went to Neverland. No one was there to stop George from taking over. It would have been great use of Ruby, Leroy, Belle, Granny, etc. to try and band together to stop the villain. I wanted the Charmings to return from saving Henry, and there’s George in Regina’s office ruling with an iron fist. George is incredibly smart. He’s one of the most ruthless villains on the show. He has no problem murdering Gus-Gus to get his way. I would have loved to see him teamed up with Arthur, Zelena, and other big bads throughout the series. Until we actually see George again, he got away and running amok somewhere in the world of Once…. or did he!? WE DON’T KNOW!

What happened between Will Scarlet and Anastasia in season four?

tumblr_inline_nix83gG2bJ1r7hfs0I have already gone into great detail my anger at the abuse of Will Scarlet in season four. A lot of that stemmed from my belief that since the Oz arc, Once: Wonderland is the better of the two shows. Will is one to my favorite characters in Once, and I struggled with his use during that entire season. That could just be my love and admiration for Michael Socha talking. It boils down to Will being in Storybrooke didn’t make sense in season four. If you didn’t watch Wonderland, at the end we see Will and Anastasia together. He was the ruling White King of Wonderland enjoying his happily ever after. Suddenly, he appeared in Storybrooke as a raving drunkard and even dated Belle for a short time. We never got an explanation of why he was there and what happened to Anastasia, his true love. My only theory is that Anastasia died. She was brought back to life with the waters from the Well of Wonders. It wasn’t her time to go so the waters worked on her. Maybe the magic was spent, and it was her time? That is the only explanation that makes sense to why Will was so unlike himself in season four. That was a completely different character than the Will Scarlet we had in Wonderland. I can only see him acting like that out of grief for losing the love of his life.

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