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Comic Review: Faith #1

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I will admit that I have never read a Valiant title. I know the company has been around since the late 80’s shortly after I was born. I know that the company gets a lot of praise for rarely dealing with multiverses like the Big Two. But that’s about it.

Sometimes, though, you see a book in Previews that strikes you a certain way. You feel it in your bones that it will be amazing. You know it has potential to be a popular book. Then, you count the days until you can hold it in your hands. When I saw Faith‘s preview, I was struck with glee. Here’s a plus sized woman who is a superhero. She can fly, she’s strong, and she’s beautiful. I knew I needed this in my life.

Faith #1 did not disappoint!

650x650_ed6462cb778f6d064b3e7ead56632066f95cd8baa6dbf98b99d00ceeIt’s a fun book. There’s a great “Chris Evans” cameo, and they’re not afraid to poke fun at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I could relate a lot to Faith since she’s a huge geek. The conversations she was having about a new television show being the best new genre title was almost verbatim to talks with my friends. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a character in comics I could relate to (the last being Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye because Clint is my spirit animal). Faith even has a job I strive to get to but also takes the time to show it’s not all glamour and fame.

There’s also a realistic look at superheroes. While Faith chooses not to have a reality television show with her super identity, Zephyr, other heroes have gone that path. I love seeing how different people with powers handle it differently. Being a Marvel lady, it’s easy for me to relate it to other characters. Faith is to Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel while other heroes are more Tony Stark types. Coming into this brand new comic universe, it was easy for me to link these characters with others I’ve read. That’s brilliant writing on Jody Houser’s part.

The absolute final stroke of genius was Faith’s weight was never mentioned! I feared someone would come in and comment on her size. It’s an all too common problem in media and real life to fat shame women when they don’t fit that “perfect model” image. It didn’t happen and I cheered! Everyone accepts Faith for who she is as a person. She has fans as Zephyr who root her on. Her fellow superheroes respect her abilities. She is who she is, and her weight is the least important thing on the planet.

Bravo to you, Valiant, for bringing this character into my life. As my first introduction to your company, this is an incredibly strong showing. There are also enough nods to other characters in the universe to peek my interest. Maybe I’ll check out Harbinger or Ninjak next?

Ladies, you need this comic. It’s everything positive that women need in this day and age. Why are you still reading this review? GO BUY FAITH!

Verdict: I gave Faith #1 9.5 out of 10 Chris Evans cameos!

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