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Hang on to your tattered clothing, because The 100 is back with another season of mayhem.  For anyone that hasn’t watched seasons 1 & 2, or didn’t watch the premiere episode this is your heads up: here there be spoilers. Many, many spoilers. I will be borrowing the five likes/dislikes instant reaction method from Bri and Alex and the Other Side of the Mirror podcast. Without further ado here is my instant reaction for season 3, episode 1: Wanheda Part 1.


Five Likes:

1) Wanheda aka Clarke Griffin. I am still baffled we have a character like Clarke Griffin on network TV. She’s the main protagonist, is bisexual, has many flaws, has many emotions, and has opportunities to explore all of these aspects. She’s not quite a hero, she’s not quite an anti-hero. Really, more than anything, she’s a legend. A legend that is already starting to build as we find out in this first episode. The Grounders have taken to calling her Wanheda which means “death commander” in Trigedasleng. Tying into the Grounder belief that a commander spirit is passed on when the host body is killed, Clarke is being hunted by everyone because they think that killing her will make them stronger. I love this because I get to come along for the ride of a legend being born. And not a legend I’ve heard a million times like Hercules. This is a new story (even if it is based loosely on a book series) and I like that because it makes it hard to predict. I love not knowing what to expect next. I love that Clarke is a part of that, because she is just as hard to pin down as the plot ending.

2) EVERYONE IS GAY. Okay not actually everyone. But we got out second confirmed LGBT+ character when Miller was revealed to have had a boyfriend on board the ark at one point. I was slightly bummed that Miller’s boyfriend wasn’t Monty, but at the same time nothing says they can’t date in the future. I remain optimistic. Add to this revelation, Clarke (who is bisexual) got to have some non-Lexa lady-loving in the form of Niylah, a Grounder who works at a trading post and seems to have established some sort of tentative business relationship with Clarke. Still, when their conversation turns to something more serious Clarke opts to deflect with some dirty, dirty, sex. I mean that literally by the way – Clarke looks like she hasn’t bathed the entire 3 months she’s been hiding in the woods.


Get it Griffin. But maybe take a bath first.

3) Octavia and Lincoln. Yes, they are both amazing characters in their own right, but their story in this episode was very much tied together, so I will keep them in the same bullet point. It appears that Lincoln is adjusting and assimilating more into Skaikru culture while Octavia continues to embrace the Trikru way of life. This is going to be a really interesting dynamic to see played out. The Trikru were the first real people to adopt, respect, and accept Octavia for who she is (certainly the Skaikru on the Ark never did Octavia or her family any favors), but in the season finale she had to give them up for her friends. I don’t think Octavia regrets that decision, but I do think that she is mourning the loss of that community, and is especially unhappy to see her Grounder boyfriend seemingly giving up on that way of life. Lincoln isn’t really, but he is trying to build bridges in the community. As an exiled member of the Trikru with a kill order on his head, his options are relatively limited and so he has embraced life in Arkadia with the Skaikru.

4) That adorable scene in the rover where they’re all listening to music and jamming out. I like that as serious as this show is most of the time it does allow for moments of levity and camaraderie between the core characters. This was a lovely moment for all of them and worked well to contrast that with the immediate tone shift when a beacon showed up and they had to go investigate.


Look at them being all happy and singing <3

5) More of Grounder language and culture. A large portion of this episode was spoken in Trigedasleng and we also got to see some different aspects of Grounder culture. For example, the mentioning that different war paints can signify different clans (white war paint for the Azgeda), or the system of bartering set up at Niylah’s trading post. Supposedly we are going to get even more about Grounder culture as the season goes on and frankly, I can’t wait.

Five Dislikes:

1) I feel like I can’t put the same dislike over and over again so my number one dislike was Thelonious Jaha. What a dud of a storyline. Last season he was a poor Moses-like character and now he’s playing the whole “I know things that you don’t know, but I won’t tell you what I know because #MYSTERY”. It’s annoying and silly. It also feels so incredibly slow in comparison to the rest of the show/episode. I suppose I could be thankful that it gives me a few moments to catch my breath in between all of the other bananas stuff happening in the rest of the episode, but mostly this whole Jaha/City of Light nonsense is a snoozefest.

2) Jasper. I get it buddy. You’re a wreck. The problem is, I kind of just don’t care right now. You knew Maya for all of like 2 weeks. Maybe. And now you are an alcoholic with a death wish? I am just confused. I do hope we see more and/or there is more motivation behind Jasper’s decline. It’s been 3 months and this wound seems to be getting worse, not better. This to me says there’s more here that needs to be unpacked emotionally, beyond Maya dying. Not that Maya dying wasn’t sad, because it was super heartbreaking and a great moment. It definitely helped to illustrate that the people Clarke killed in Mt. Weather weren’t all bad people. Some of them had helped the Skaikru, or were actual children. That’s all kinds of messed up, and Jasper witnessed them all dying. That’s absolutely devistating. Point remains that Jasper’s actions bothered me a lot in this episode, and I hope there is a psychologist somewhere on the ground because that poor boy needs some grief counseling and possibly a 12 step program.

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This bucket of water is probably a good start, but you might consider professional help.

3) There is a kill order on Lincoln’s head? Because he left and went back to the mountain? This seems odd. Mostly there was no explaination to this that I can remember. I assume that this is just standard practice for Grounders that abandon their clans and/or the coalition as a whole, but there’s no actual explanation so I am left with guess work. This is a very mild dislike that could be explained at some point later in the season.

4) Raven is still in pain. Okay I know she can’t have healed overnight and she’s been ignoring a lot of her own body’s warning signs but will the show ever let her have a lovely moment of peace? Stop hurting Raven Rayes 2k16. Please and thank you.

5) It was too short. Okay technically it was the appropriate length, but dang it I am dying for more already. Is it Thursday yet?

If you watched the episode, share your thoughts below. Are you as excited as I am about the season? Did you like the premiere or not? Will Clarke ever take a bath again? Let us know what you think!

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