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Dark Angel Recap Season 1, Episode 3: Flushed

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“I got made, not born.”

That is a sentiment that explains Max’s seizures well. Human error in trying to create the perfect soldier left her brain with the inability to produce serotonin, which is why she convulses and has to use tryptophan in order to survive.


Max visits Logan, and the two have lunch then the power goes out briefly, prompting discussion of The Pulse and what happened to them when it happened. For Max, she was staying at a foster home and when the TV went out, her foster father got violent, lashing out against Max and her foster sister. Logan notices Max shaking, the seizures are getting worse.

Walter is at their apartment to collect the pay-off money, which Max took to pay for her serotonin causing Kendra to freak out, rightfully so, even as Max says she will get the money back. They have ONE day. This behavior causes Kendra and Original Cindy to worry that Max is addicted to drugs and flush her tryptophan down the toilet.

Max tries to go back to her dealer to get more and when she can’t, she shakes the woman down to try and find the source. She sneaks into a hospital, but in her weakened state she gets taken down and is brought to jail. Meanwhile, without the money, everyone on the 7th floor has been removed from their homes, without any of their stuff.

Logan goes to Jam Pony looking for Max and Original Cindy brings out the attitude thinking that he is the one who is giving Max drugs. Logan explains that Max has a neurological condition, Original Cindy denies it at first saying Max never told her about it, to which Logan responds that she probably didn’t want anyone to know.

In jail Max is feeling worse and worse, but befriends a man named Break who managed to bring Max some milk to help take the edge off her pain. Being Max, she decides this is enough to escape and Break helps cause a distraction by singing opera. It almost works, but Max just isn’t strong enough to make it across the wall and gets brought to the Warden’s home.

There a young girl, Maria, is already under his control. She is implied to be a sexual and labor servant. Lydecker has also been contacted that there is a young woman at the jail with a barcode on her neck.

Original Cindy and Logan have teamed up to sneak Max into jail with her medicine, having her being brought in for being a sex worker. There she meets with Break who helps Original Cindy gain access to the Warden’s room as Lydecker arrives and starts looking for Max.


The Warden goes to find Max to bring her to Lydecker, but she has gotten her vitamins and knocks him unconscious getting herself, Original Cindy and Maria out of there. Logan uses his technology and rich boy magic to remove Max’s information from the police database, find Maria a new home, and blackmail Walter into letting the 7th floor return home.

Not bad Logan, not bad at all.


  • Max’s design flaw is one of the new depictions of disability that is in a sci-fi setting that actually works really well because it isn’t something easily washed away and it affects her day-to-day life.
  • Treatment of sex workers and people with addiction is also brought up. As soon as Max and Original Cindy are labeled as deviant, they lose all their respectability in the eyes of people in authority.

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