What the Fangirl #9: Carol, The Big Snub & Oscar Retrospective

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01:29 CAROL Introduction – CAUTION, SPOILERS!

04:51 What makes CAROL brilliant as art

15:45 The lesbian content of CAROL contrasted with LGBTQ content of other movies

Essential importance of living your own truth & how the characters do that

30:34 critical reception of CAROL and the ridiculous charge that the movie is “cold”

34:15 Why CAROL was better than FREEHELD, which also had lesbian subject matter

The controversy ignited when Ron Nyswander, who wrote FREEHELD, criticized his own movie

The other 2015 lesbian movie, JENNY’S WEDDING

The struggle to show female & LGBTQ sexuality on screen

42:45 Todd Haynes’ FAR FROM HEAVEN & his commentary on the concept of “women’s movies” & the repression of the 1950s.


46:45 FAR FROM HEAVEN & CAROL Oscar snubs demonstrate how “women’s movies” and novels are undervalued

48:15 CAROL snubbed. WTF happened??

The LGBTQ connection with ROOM.

56:00 Retrospective on Academy Awards since 1977

56:00 to 1:19:00 From STAR WARS in 1977 to SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE in 1998

1:20:00 to 1:40:00 Starting with AMERICAN BEAUTY in 1999 and ending with 2015 with Oscar’s middle finger to CAROL

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