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Jessica Jones Recap 1.6 AKA You’re a Winner!

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The case of the week involves catching the entrepreneurial pothead kid brother of a woman who has intel for Luke by going through his trash and leaving a voicemail claiming he’s won an X-Box. Jess says the fake winner message works surprisingly often.

And that’s the message of the episode: if it seems too good to be true, it is.

Malcolm wants to pool resources in order to profile Kilgrave but Jess is impatient. She doesn’t want to understand Kilgrave, she doesn’t want to talk about Kilgrave, she just wants Kilgrave dead. Luke shows up with the aforementioned case and Malcolm is shooed away for the moment but later briefly joins the Stalking Luke Club because he wants to make sure Luke is gonna treat Jess right which is super adorable.

Also adorable: Luke’s obvious feelings for Jessica. Malcolm gets it, and thinking he’s doing everyone a favor, he explains to Luke who and what Kilgrave is. This propels Luke to show up on Jessica’s doorstep in the night again, be super incredibly sexy and charming again, and end up in bed with Jessica again.


Which, again, of course, leaves Jessica feeling the guilt of a thousand souls.

The next morning a secret comes out but it’s not Jessica’s but Luke’s — he doesn’t really know the woman whose wayward brother they’re tracking, he made a deal with her for information about the night his wife died. Jess starts to panic because information about that night could out her involvement. This would be the moment to come clean if she wants to avoid the inevitable fallout but no.

AKA You're a Winner

There’s a tussle with the loan shark people (sadly or luckily, not actually shark-people) who are after the brother, Antoine, which showcases how much better with people Luke is than Jessica, and they all converge on the warehouse full of pot and guarded by dogs the kid is hanging out in. Tussle the second turns into an all out brawl that Jess leaves Luke to because she wants to get Antoine to his sister so she can read the secret medical file before Luke does. Jessica. Stop it.

Sadly or luckily, Luke arrives in time to get the file himself and discovers that the bus driver who ran over his wife was drunk at the time, but it was covered up, and he’s still driving. Jessica’s panic revs back up as Luke storms off to most likely kill the guy. Jessica could stay out of it and keep her secret but that would ruin two more lives and as haphazard, antisocial, and self-destructive as she is, she’s not so far gone as to let someone she cares about murder a not entirely guilty person over a misunderstanding.

So she follows Luke to the bus where he’s confronted the driver, who is now ashamed, apologetic, allegedly sober, and terrified, gets in between the two and finally tells the story. Kilgrave kilgraved Reva, Luke’s wife, into uncovering and handing over a box that was hidden in the city. Box obtained Kilgrave asked Jessica to get rid of Reva and she did, his wife was dead before the bus hit, and Jessica was the one to do it.

Luke is understandably horrified by all this and takes back every nice thing he ever said, did, or thought about Jessica and she accepts it because she thinks he’s right. It’s brutal and terrible and she’s lost Luke as a lover, friend, and contact. But she saved the driver and Luke’s heroic soul.


Meanwhile! There is an equally brutal and terrible plot going on with Hope. Jess gets a call that she was attacked in prison. Jeri and Jess assume the attacker was Kilgraved but instead Hope hired the woman to beat her up. Jess imagines Hope is losing hope but in fact she’s pregnant and prefers to risk death than bring Kilgrave’s baby to term (fair).

Jessica and Jeri can’t secure her an abortion in prison and Hope vows to keep trying to miscarry so they get her a drug. And then Jeri retrieves the fetus because I guess this storyline wasn’t gross enough (it totally was).


And Kilgrave went house hunting. He used his powers to shut everyone up in a restaurant but not to secure the sale. The entire thing is a power trip he’s setting up for Jessica because it’s the house she grew up in on the streets she uses to keep herself sane when she starts to slip or has a bad day.


What’s in the box?

What is Jeri going to do with the fetus?

I miss Trish.

Jeri proposes to Pam (her assistant-girlfriend) by yelling at Jess which is played as cute-ish (?) but Pam can do better y’all.

Malcolm off drugs and interacting with the Kilgraver Survivors Group is even more of a cinnamon roll and I love him.

I’ve been pondering a question: could Kilgrave’s power be used heroically or does his level of power inevitably lead someone to the Dark Side?



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