Princess Leia is coming to Star Wars: Rebels! REJOICE!

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News broke on Monday that a Star Wars Legacy character is coming to Star Wars: Rebels. It’s the one, the only, the butt kicking PRINCESS LEIA!

My exact reaction to this news was as followed:

She’s going to arrive in the January 20th episode titled “A  Princess in Lothal” working like a double agent for both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance her father Bail Organa is the leader of. She doesn’t believe in the Empire but is acting like she’s part of it for an unknown reason (more than likely an undercover mission, but that’s my theory). This will be her only appearance in season two, and it’s unknown if she will be in future seasons. She will not be voice by Carrie Fisher but by Julie Dolan who is Leia’s voice actor in the video game Star Wars: Uprising.

I’ve wanted to see Leia in Rebels ever since I read an article on The Wookie Gunner about her and Ezra together in a relationship. Both are around the same age at the time in the series. I think they would be ADORABLE together!


Art by lledra-fanstuffs courtesy of The Wookie Gunner

Having Leia there makes more sense than the Ghost crew running into someone like Han Solo. Her father is the leader of the very rebels Ezra and the crew works for. It’s only natural that they would run into her at some point. Whatever happens in “A Princess on Lothal,” I hope there’s enough groundwork for her to return to future seasons.

Here’s a sneak peek clip of the January 20th episode!

Thanks to tvinsider for the news!

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